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Monday's Ministry Morsel

In a culture being overrun with radical thought and erratic behavior--this little morsel might seem a bit radical, as well. We touched briefly on contentment yesterday and how it differs from achievement. That is important because many are driven by achievement in this world today and are manipulated by the system of Satan that encourages 'more' of the material instead of being satisfied with what God provides. You have heard me say at least once by now that while the Word of God says that 'the love of money' is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10) it is in reality the love of 'more' than imprisons many in debt and overwhelms many more with discouragement. And in the midst of all that ma

Monday's Ministry Morsel

Did you ever lose something and it captivate your time and interest until you found it? Some things we don't fret all that much over if we can't find them and then there is that thing that causes our bodies to release adrenaline and increases your heart rate. For some, it may be their phone and for others it might be a wallet filled with cash or cards. For others, it may be an important number or a document that you haven't seen in a few days. When that occurs, priorities get shifted around immediately and without question or hesitation everything else becomes secondary until what you have lost is found. I came across some thoughts from Charles H. Spurgeon' Morning and Evening daily devotio

Monday's Ministry Morsel

We began a series on not delaying in our obedience to God concerning our life purpose yesterday. Lord willing, we will look at our response to personal persecution this coming Sunday morning. You may not think that all that important a subject but if you and I are actively involved in sharing the gospel and faithfully witnessing the work of Christ to those we work with and live among, you will discover that some will not respond to that positively. In fact they may choose to make your life somewhat uncomfortable, if not down right miserable. That is the way it was for the faithful follower of Christ in the 1st century and that is the way it is for the faithful follower of Christ in the 21st

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