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Monday's Ministry Morsel

Had the wonderful opportunity to be taught some exciting truths in the word of God concerning the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles last evening under the teaching ministry of Dr. Jack Terry. He reminded me of where we are on God's calendar and more importantly where we are headed. And what is ahead is really good for those who are blessed with a relationship with Jesus! The 2.5 hours spent helped me understand a little more clearly the great investment that God has made in me through His love and grace as well as the accountability that I have to God for such abundant blessing. In matters of faithfulness, the word of God says in Luke 12:48b, "for everyone to whom much is given

Monday's Ministry Morsel

I was reminded this morning of the way the world looks at self confidence by contrast to the way the Lord looks at it. Americans put great value on self confidence but God puts no value in it whatsoever. Therein lies the rub that robs us of something better. Paul wrote in Philippians 3:3 that believers "should place no confidence in the flesh" and yet many, if not most applaud a person for being driven, motivated and self confident; assured of who he/she is, willing to take on any and all challenges. There was once a story about a very self confident vacuum salesman who showed up at the door of a rural home many years ago. As he was met and greeted at the door by the lady who lived there,

Monday's Ministry Morsel

Sunday, March 12th began our Home Mission week of prayer. I hope you will intercede daily for those who are on mission across our world. This is mission week as well for our students and it is also mission week for us IF we know the Lord Jesus as Savior. Every day we enter a mission field. Question is what do we do when we are there? Many, if not most in the church can often feel overwhelmed by the sheer scope of ministry; world wide or otherwise. Sometimes to the point that they do very little if anything to impact their 'world' for Christ. By their 'world', I mean those in their own strategic circle of influence; the place where they live, play, work & serve. Many can easily resort to bl

Monday's Ministry Morsel

It seems everyone is dealing with something today! For some, difficulty, discouragement and distress have become so woven through the fabric of our life for so long that we don't think there is any other way to live. A defeated spirit is the result. For others, it is something new that brings an elevated level of unwelcome uncertainty with it. You didn't sign up for it and it remains, at least for the present the uninvited guest in your heart or home. You wish 'IT' would somehow go away so your life could get back to 'normal'. Sound familiar? Consider this--what if our definition of 'normal' is not what is best for us? Are you willing to consider that God may be moving you and me toward a

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