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Monday's Ministry Morsel

On Monday, there is often a few moments of reflection, at least for me on the Sunday before. Sunday is the day when the church comes together from the 4 corners of the earth in some cases to worship the Lord who provided for them faithfully during their previous week's journey. It is also a time for worshippers, workers and warriors to prepare for the journey which lies ahead. In any and all cases, we need to be and remain close to the Lord. And the good news is, that is possible for every disciple of Christ. God desires that we walk closely with him daily in order that we might be both hopeful of the future and helpful toward others in the present. David, was not only a great warrior, h

Monday's Ministry Morsel

I read an article the other day by David Jeremiah that is worth sharing with others. It comes from his source on 'Turning Points with God'. It reads as follows-- "Nineteenth-century humorist Josh Billings said cleverly, 'Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.' As Christians we can apply these witty words to our goal of living for Christ until the day He returns. We are surrounded by distractions every day, and we can easily let them cloud our vision and take our focus off of Christ. But we must learn to recognize when that is happening so that we can put aside those distractions and fix our eyes on Him. As with any ar

Monday's Ministry Morsel

This week, like few others carries with it spiritual significance for every born again believer. This week, we remember the finished work of Christ's redemption for sin--yours, mine, anyone and everyone who would take of the offer that God, Himself did proffer. Salvation was/is provided at great cost to God on our behalf. Yet, during those long hours leading up to Calvary; the sleepless night, the failure of the flesh in those closest to Him, the seemingly endless interrogation and condemnation of proud pious men, the physical abuse of beating & scourging, the mental anguish of being cursed and spat upon, the loneliness of the long journey to Calvary under extreme physical duress, only to

Monday's Ministry Morsel

Scripture directs us and encourages us to not grow weary in well doing. (Galatians 6:9) That is an important reminder for those who are vested heavily in the ministry of the Lord's church. While ministry to others on any level is first and foremost an opportunity of worship through service, (Romans 12:1) we know and understand from scripture that ministry is best approached and accomplished with the body of Christ functioning under the Headship of Jesus Christ. That is one body with every member having a place and doing their part in the overall function of the N.T. church. It has been well said that a body without a head is dead and a body with two heads is in constant conflict. I am t

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