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A Word for the Week

The Bible says in Nehemiah 8:10, "the joy of the Lord is my strength." So we can conclude that without the joy of the Lord present and active in our life, there will be little or no strength to engage and accomplish the ministry goals of life that He has set before us. Sin, whether of commission or omission steals our joy and robs us of strength. We find ourselves disconnected from our source and we begin to slowly wither away as we walk away from God and toward another god of our own design and desire. God has designed creation in such a way that everything has to be connected to something or it will die. Take a fish out of the water and it dies. Remove a plant from the soil and it dies.

A Word for the Week

Have you ever possessed something that for one reason or another did not live up to its intended purpose? Could have been an appliance or an article of clothing, a power tool that worked for a while and then for whatever reason, no longer would. It worked great for a while BUT.... Sound familiar? Regardless of whatever 'it' may be or might have been, the response is often frustrating. This 'new thing' was supposed to make life easier, better or less time consuming. Could have been you just wanted to look better and the thing you were counting on let you down. You're faced with the option of having it repaired or having it replaced. Which would you prefer? Given the choice, most would pre

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