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A Word for the Week

As we were reminded Sunday from the word of God--knowing what we should do and doing what we should know are NOT the same thing. Knowing that the practice of prayer unleashes the power of God in whatever circumstance of life we encounter--I challenge you this week to permit the Holy Spirit to point you to a particular person or situation in order to personalize each of the above suggestions for prayer and turn them into daily assignments to complete. Only then will you and I enjoy the difference of having a friend like Jesus and truly experience what it means to follow Him. May the Lord bless His work as each of us submit to His will this week! Pastor Keith 1 Corinthians 15:58

A Word for the Week

Decisions--no doubt you have already made a few this morning. You will make many more before you go to sleep sometime later tonight. Every decision brings a consequence of some kind. Some are larger than others and some linger much longer. But in every case--your decisions affect your life particularly and can affect the lives of others around you. That brings me to Pilate. A powerful man in the political circles of Roman government. Pilate faced life's most important decision and made the wrong choice. We read the particulars in Mark 15 where we find Jesus standing before the man who will ultimately make the decision as to whether He lives or dies. Would anyone like to step up and take

A Word for the Week

We all have heard of the many great miracles that God has produced in the past for the purpose of bringing glory to His name. The parting of the Red Sea, the rivers of water from the rock, the crossing of the Jordan, the victory at Jericho, a deluge of water that began with a cloud the size of a man's hand, the sun going backwards in order that the days victory might be accomplished, the feeding of the 5,000 & the 4,000. We recall the healing of the cripple, the healing of the leper and the casting out of the demons and stand amazed at the power of God revealed to us through His work in people. And yet that is as far as it goes for many. That was in the past! No real chance of anything l

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