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A Word for the Week

'Friend'--Webster defines the term as 'one who is attached by affection'. The Lord would narrow the term 'friend' in John 15:14 to one who follows His commands-- one with whom He communicates as a co-laborer. Most people in this culture have what they refer to as a 'circle of friends' but as David Jeremiah brings out in his book 'Turning Points with God', the more intimate the relationship the smaller the circle becomes. That was true for Jesus and it will be true for you and me. It would be correct to say that many of us have acquaintances but relatively few friends. Most only have 1 or 2 human beings in their circle of life that they truly trust with important matters. They may be associ

A Word for the Week

While Thanksgiving week is here, the end of 2017 will soon be, as well. By the end of the week, thoughts of thanksgiving will give way to giving of another kind. It is the season of sending and spending. Cards are sent and cash is spent! (It might be more accurate to say that cards are sent and credit card balances soar!) Beginning Friday, many will enter the madness of getting up early to save $50 while spending $100 dollars on food and fuel to experience 'the thrill' of it all to show love for friends and family. It's what Americans do in December. It's what many take great delight in! Permit me to offer you another opportunity or even an alternative. It is something that you and I

A Word for the Week

Have you ever thought about the difference in remorse and repentance? That subject came up a few days ago in a conversation about Judas being remorseful that he had betrayed Jesus just prior to hanging himself. (Matthew 27:3-4) The KJV says--"he repented himself" while the NKJV says "he was remorseful". While remorse may precede repentance, it is not a substitute for it. To be sorry for committing sin can be the response that is driven by the dire consequences that are to follow, not divine conviction. There are many who are sorry over sin after they have sinned who are not sorry enough to forsake it and be forgiven. When a person understands that sin is an offense against God, then that

A Word for the Week

"All In"--it's a phrase that is used to communicate someone's intent, allegiance, devotion, and/or commitment to a particular situation or assignment. It is the public announcement that everything in my person, my pocket and what I possess be made available and released to the opportunity presented me. I have heard many different people through the years say those words to me personally or express that intent regarding various opportunities and assignments. (I'm 'all in'--whatever you need, whenever you need it, you can count on me) The fact is, many say what they mean in the moment, when the idea is new who realistically don't mean what they say. They are "all in" for a few weeks, maybe

A Word for the Week

Paul wrote in Philippians 3:14-- "I press toward the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." What "'prize' are you pursuing with passion; with energy and enthusiasm? That question might sound a bit strange but the fact is, everyone is involved in something and everyone pursues something during their earthly life. Some pursuits are temporal while others are eternal. I heard Dr. David Jeremiah say recently-- 'Some are moving toward what they truly treasure while others are moving away from it.' Wonderful statement but what did he mean? Simply this--there are only two things that exist eternally that exist on this earth. One is the word of God and the other is the souls of people.

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