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A Word for the Week

I have been reading from O.S. Hawkins book, The Christmas Code since the first of the month. Yesterday, the focus was on the man that is most often overlooked in the Christmas narrative. His name was Joseph and while he was not the father of Jesus, his role in raising Jesus and caring for Jesus and Mary was critical in God's plan to redeem mankind from the penalty of sin. It was Joseph's faithfulness and obedience to follow the word of God that caused the events we often celebrate in December to have occurred. Joseph was there every step of the way to support Mary and supply the family God had given him with strong spiritual leadership. Yet many often overlook his vitally important role ch

A Word for the Week

In less than two weeks, we will celebrate Christmas once again. Family and friends will come together for a few hours to visit and share a meal. Many will exchange a gift or two. Most will eat more than they should and some will try to take a well deserved nap in between all the noise of the new toys that the kids are experimenting with. Much will be given toward this festive holiday and I pray much will be gained as well. Not monetarily or materially necessarily but in the true meaning of Christmas. In Isaiah 9:6 we have these words to keep us centered during the season of Christmas. "For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be on His shoulder. And

A Word for the Week

Victory--It's an experience everyone enjoys being a part of. Whether in sport or spiritual matters no one enjoys losing. No one likes 'the agony of defeat', especially in a hard fought battle. However, it seems there is more defeat being experienced than victory being enjoyed today. Truth is--it doesn't have to be that way. With that thought, I share a couple of paragraphs with you this week from Pastor Johnny Hunt's book, 'Demolishing Strongholds' where he states-- (pg. 176) "Victory is a byproduct of obedience. As we concentrate on living an obedient, holy life, we will surely experience the joy of victory over sin. I believe that if you approach the Bible humbly to obey it, God will

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