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Wednesday's Words

This week's word is centered on security. There is a lot in the news about the need for increased security today. And yet with all of our technology and security systems in place, vulnerabilities are still exposed and the lack of assurance causes fear to grip the heart as a result. And Satan, along with those who follow him are the only ones entertained by it. Short of a prison like atmosphere with armed guards, security cameras in every room, security checkpoints at every door with metal detectors and the like, earthly security remains very difficult to achieve on a consistent basis. That however is not the case with the eternal security of the believer. Eternal security, unlike earthly s

Wednesday's Words

Where do you go for nourishment? How often do you seek to satisfy the natural hunger of the body? Most take time to eat 3 meals a day because daily nourishment is very important if our bodies are to remain strong and healthy. And yet many only take the time to be nourished once a week. For some, it's once a month. For others, it's only in times of great distress. I am not referring to how often a person attends church necessarily as much as I am referring to how often a person is attentive to Christ. Hunger in the homeland of America is a growing concern, estimated to affect 50 million Americans on a regular basis including over 13 million children. Sadly, the lack of spiritual nourishm

Wednesday's Words

You may have noticed if you come early enough to morning services that on the screen each Sunday are three little words. So you are not misled, the words, 'I love you' are not the words I refer to on this Valentine's Day, 2018. However, they are and must remain at the center of what I am referring to. People; On Purpose. Maybe you've noticed those three little words on the screen on a given Sunday morning and then again maybe you haven't. Maybe you've wondered what they meant and then again maybe you haven't. People; On Purpose communicates who we are as a fellowship of saints, those included in the family of God by grace through faith. More importantly it remains the reason for our assem

A Word for the Week

There are many words that could be used to encourage the discouraged and lift up the fallen; those who have become battle weary in well doing. Of all the words that might be used, I choose two that make all the difference in the present and more importantly in the future for me. The first word is 'adopted'. Ephesians 1:5 says-- "...having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will." The bond of supernatural adoption is stronger even than the bond of natural blood. God will never disown those whom He has made a part of Himself through Jesus Christ. He will not deny those who who do not deny His Son! What security there is in kn

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