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Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'FORGIVENESS'. It's a word that most are aware of but may not have considered the full impact of on a personal level. Forgiveness is a determined act to release someone of a debt that's impossible to repay. Forgiveness is often more often desired than demonstrated. Should forgiveness be withheld, the burden of being held captive by the past weighs heavily on the present. If not addressed, the future will be filtered through uncertainty that at times can be overwhelming. Pastor Chris Dixon, Liberty Baptist Church in Dublin, GA. offers this insight on forgiveness----- "We live in a world where people struggle daily with regrets, shame, and guilt. We would be embarra

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is UNITY. It's a word that describes the best way to progress in ministry. In fact, it is the only prescribed way from God for the church to be effective in its mission. Unity is a word that produces results that the adversary hates. Results that he will tirelessly attempt to overthrow or undermine. If you were with us on Sunday, you were given the important distinction between uniformity and unity. Uniformity may be best illustrated by a marching band--all dress identical; they practice long and hard on being in line and remaining in step. While some may play different instruments that produce distinct tones, their individuality is lost in the crowd and their contri

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'ALMOST'. That might sound somewhat peculiar for some in an article like this but I encourage you to read on because scripture gives us some counsel on the destructive nature associated with 'almost'. The word 'almost' is used more than you and I may realize in our daily conversation. It is a term that most are familiar with. Examples being--'that final shot was 'almost' a game winner.' 'that storm 'almost' missed that structure.' 'that train 'almost' hit that car.' 'that attempt to reach a secure handhold 'almost' made it.' 'that drive 'almost' made it over the water.' 'that effort was 'almost' successful.' 'h

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'fear'. It originates from the Greek & Latin--'phobia'. Fear is a word used in some form over 500 times in scripture. The term 'fear not' OR 'be not afraid' is used 365 times; one for each day of the year. Isn't that interesting? There are things we should fear and there are things we should 'fear not'. For clarification--I am not referring to a person's fear of God which is one's reverent response of Holiness. Fear, as defined for this article means 'the extreme or irrational response to or dislike of a specified group or thing.' Fear is something most every human being experiences on some level at some point in their earthly life. For some, it passes very quic

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