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Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'DELAY'. Ever experience a 'delay'? Could be you've been jammed up in traffic. Maybe it was a test report that is leaving you somewhat anxious. 'Delay' sends some into panic and others into rage. Neither is good for us or anyone around us. (Notice I said 'us') In this fast paced culture where schedules are often tight and margins razor thin, 'delay' can be more than just a nuisance. It's a need. Now before anyone gets a rope, hear me out. God has incorporated 'delay' into His creation. Even we who are created in His image don't get a pass on this one because it is inconvenient. There are life lessons associated with 'delay'. (Did I just say that? Of all t

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'FOUND'. Ever lose, misplace or forget where something was only to find it after a few minutes or even many days? The joy of finding what was lost is eagerly shared with others. And the more valuable the treasure the greater the celebration! The word 'found' comes from the root word 'heurisko' in the N.T. That word is translated 'find'. What was once concealed is now revealed. What was once out of touch or even thought out of reach is no more. What was once lost is now 'found'. The chapter where the word 'found' is seen often is Luke 15. In chapter 15, 32 verses in all, three separate circumstances are shared. In each, something/someone is lost and then 'fou

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'WANT'. Not need based 'want' BUT rather greed based 'want'. The 'want' that I speak of is simply defined as 'the incessant desire for more'. The drive to have more than one may store. The desire to tear down in order to build larger. This lust affects more than just the rich and famous. It affects the poor and infamous, as well. In fact, no one in society is immune from this infectious desire that in every case disregards the daily provision of God and His faithfulness. God's word says in 1 Timothy 6:10--"the love of money is the root of all evil..." In the 21st century, I believe it has become the 'love of more' in the hearts of many, if not most in America. T

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'SERVANT'. Few words in the English language carry the importance of the term 'servant'. More often than not, it is thought of as a demeaning title or even label. In a culture where more prefer to be served than serve, this word and those who willingly embrace its requirements remain essential for effective ministry. Jesus modeled this act of kindness for His disciples as He got up from supper, picked up a basin of water, wrapped Himself in a towel and bent his knee in order to do what needed to be done. From that position of humility Jesus proceeded to do what no one else in the group offered to do. (John 13:5) Maybe the disciples just didn't think it was impor

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