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Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is familiar to all of us. The word is 'SIN'. Sin is a fact of life. It's impossible to look around on any given day and not see the effect of sin. Sin is a little word that carries large consequences. It is a word that is centered on 'I'. (Interesting to note that the same letter is found squarely in the center of the word 'pride', the source of all sin.) The largest problem any human being has is an 'I' problem. This personal problem, though often veiled in pride is manifested by sin. Anytime 'I' put my wants ahead of other's needs, then 'I' demonstrate that 'I' care more for my personal preference than people. My 'I' problem causes me to sin against God and aga

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'SIMPLICITY'. In a world that seems to move at the equivalent of the speed of light, it's difficult at times to enjoy much of anything we are running back and forth to experience. Simplicity can be difficult in a world that's filled with complex beliefs, complex business opportunities and complex relationships. I am reminded of the wisdom of one noted author many years ago who stated, "You just need to simplify your life." Easily said but is that even possible in 2018? God says it is possible and encourages His children to conduct themselves in this complex world in a more simplified manner. Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 1:12--"For our boasting is this: the testimon

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'PLEASURE'. We live in a world that promotes pleasure at any cost and a growing number appear willing to pay that cost for a moment or two of personal pleasure. The pleasure being promoted by the world system we encounter daily comes in many forms and soon fades away. This kind of pleasure ('hedonism'--self-pleasure) must be continually resupplied with greater amounts of time and treasure. This particular type of earthly pursuit might be compared to the effect of a 'high' produced by a mind altering drug. Human beings go to great lengths in the elusive attempt to gain the same 'high' received from the first round of pleasure desired. Before long, the addiction d

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'CHOICE'. We, as humans make 1000's of them each day. When we leave. Where we go. What we see. Who we talk with. What we wear. Will it be red and white or orange and black? Will it be the white car or the blue pickup? Do we move or do we stay? Choices. You and I have already made a few this morning and each one of them sets in motion something that we have to deal with later on some level. Choice is God ordained for those made in God's image. In Genesis 2:8-17, God has created man (Adam) and chosen him to be the father of mankind. God then called Adam to oversee what He had created. God's plan was clear. The man He had created in His image, chosen to love, a

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