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Wednesday's Words

The word this week is 'AUTHENTIC'. The word is synonymous with being genuine. Not a copy or a cheap substitute. In laymen's language, it's the real deal! It's something that is sorely missing in many today. When something is authentic it is highly prized and valued. That application may be made in many different ways but none more important than in worship. Every hour of every day those who are redeemed in the blood of Christ have the opportunity to be authentic in our worship. This is NOT reserved for some religious exercise a couple of times a week. Authentic worship is true worship! It is highly prized and sought after by our Lord who makes it all possible. It should be more hig

Wednesday's Words

The word for today is 'LAMP'. It is a word that's synonymous to light. Before the days of electricity, rooms were illuminated by lamps. There were no florescent lights, incandescent, LED or halogen bulbs, just a simple vessel that 'housed' a wick fixed to a reservoir. However, when filled with oil and lit, the lamp had an immediate impact on its surroundings. The light of the lamp caused the darkness to retreat. The Psalmist compared the Word of God to a lamp. "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105 Without a supply of oil the lamp is restricted to little more than decoration; something to look at. Therefore, the oil is essential to the effectiv

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'SURRENDER'. Surrender is a word that's often associated with defeat. Surrender as used in the military application means loss. However, surrender in the spiritual application results in gain and always leads to victory. Both require relinquishing one's right of control. Honestly that is very difficult for the natural man who has not surrendered his/her will to the will of God through Jesus Christ. Pride refuses to show weakness or a need for dependence on anyone for anything. And self-will rules the heart and mind as a result. The body simply follows the dictates of the flesh that drives it farther away from God to satisfy its own. Jesus said to His disciples in

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'CONFLICT'. It is a word that has the potential to make you stronger or weaker. There is a phrase in a popular contemporary song today that says, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." That might well be a good testimonial of some who have faced conflict and came away stronger and wiser. When it comes to conflict, people respond differently. Some skirt the issue hoping that it will just go away while others seem to revel in it. Neither is good nor acceptable. There are those that believe that a person should avoid conflict at all cost, even to the point of compromising core convictions. Consequently, their lives are often marked by flight. They flee at th

Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'COMPREHEND'. This insight from Dwight M. Pratt is worth re-printing. 'kom-pre-hend' Used in a twofold sense in both the Old Testament and New Testament. This double meaning appears in two Hebrew and two Greek words which signify in turn: (1) Mental or spiritual perception, (2) Capacity to hold or contain, as in a measure or in an all-inclusive principle, e.g.: (1) yadha, "to see with the eyes or the mind," hence, "know," "understand." Job was urged by Elihu to accept as inscrutable the ways of God, inasmuch as His operations in the physical world are so mighty and mysterious that "we cannot comprehend" them (Job 37:5). katalambano, "to lay hold of," hence, mentally

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