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First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspective, Billy Graham once said about choosing to follow Jesus; "Becoming a Christian is the work of a moment. Being a Christian is the work of a lifetime." The faith of a new believer can be very fragile. That statement is best illustrated in a story about how a group of engineers began the process of spanning a deep gorge. This was before the days of helicopters that could carry heavy cables across to begin the construction of a bridge. The engineers in this case chose to use a kite that was tethered only by a small string. Once the kite had successfully crossed the gorge, it was intentionally grounded. The engineers then tied a slightly heavier string to the kite string

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspective, One of the greatest hindrances to spiritual growth is simply a lack of determination. It is a character quality that few appear to prioritize in matters eternal. Most are too easily deterred in their spiritual growth because they're too easily distracted by their physical surroundings. While all believers experience times of refreshing where we take great strides toward spiritual maturity, most of the time, determination is simply being willing to take another step, even though the step may be small. It's seen in showing up consistently. As with momentum, spiritual maturity ceases when you and I refuse to show up consistently in prayer, study and fellowship. Theref

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives: I was reminded the other day of an old theatrical term that many are familiar with. The reminder came from the writings of author Charles Swindoll in his book that prioritizes striving for excellence. The phrase, "break a leg" has often been used before a person goes out on stage to perform. Swindoll applies a somewhat different term that speaks about going overboard (that's how some would describe it) in matters of exceptional or even exceptional giving. Not just in giving of one's possession but in giving one's full potential. The term Swindoll uses is "break a vase." Not because you're angry but rather because of your deep admiration for someone you love deepl

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives: In case you ever wondered about what your purpose is for life on earth (and most likely you have) it may well be summed up in this phrase--"To know God and make Him known." Sounds simple enough but those seven words define the life purpose of every human being that has ever or will ever walk upon this earth. However, unless God becomes 'THE' Priority of our life, then the life practice of making Him known will never become a reality. That may well help explain why so many who profess Christianity as their way of life never practice the life of Christ in their life with any consistency. Billy Graham once said this concerning the life purpose of a follower of Christ --"

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives, What is your life? It is a question first recorded by James almost 2000 years ago to help human beings keep perspective on the years that we're given by God to live on this earth. James 4:14 gives a brief description of the brevity of life on earth. James would compare it to a vapor, a mist that appears early in the morning and soon passes with the heating of the day. If you live an hour in your mother's womb or 100 years on this earth, truth is our life is brief compared to eternity. And more often that we like to admit, we lose perspective of that important fact. I read something this morning that helps put life on earth in proper perspective. The statement--"we we

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