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First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives; The PR wing of the Marine Corp of the United States of America advertise for volunteers with the catch phrase--' The Few, The Proud, The Marines.' The rigors of becoming a marine in the U.S. military is difficult to say the least. Maybe that is why by comparison there are few who volunteer and fewer who make it. That level of training is necessary when you are often the first in and last out on a military campaign. Teamwork and training are essential for success. The media surrounding serving as a marine today seems to be just the opposite of what armies throughout history have relied upon. Until recently, nations depended on large numbers to overcome their opponen

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives, Most everyone leaves a legacy of some sort when they move from here to hereafter. Something significant for which they are most remembered or long remembered for. My dad, though still with us today has built a legacy of faithfulness to His Lord over the past 60 years of his life. Something for which I as his son will be eternally grateful for. My dad has been involved in many things through the years, but it will be his faithfulness to show up that marks his success as a man and a minister for God's glory. I thought about others such as Joseph who endured so much over many years to see God's purpose fulfilled in his life in delivering God's people from starvation.

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives; As we quickly approach the fall, winter and spring season of service, opportunities abound for those in the body of Christ at First to find their place and fulfill His purpose. In addressing that, I am in no way asking those who are already engaged, (some in multiple areas) to do more. I am inviting/encouraging those who once served and no longer do or those who have never served to join the work. As we are seeing/sharing in our small group fundamentals of faith class, the body of Christ only functions properly when ALL the members are first placed and then present with respect to their God designed purpose. Service survey sheets are available weekly for the next few

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives; Vision is critical for accomplishing certain tasks in life. Have you ever known anyone who attempted to thread a needle without clear vision? Even with corrective lens, this small task can be a real challenge, if not potentially dangerous. Human beings spend millions annually to be able to see more clearly. For some the adjustment will only be slight and for others the adjustment will be extreme. There are times when poor vision is the result of injury but most of the time, unclear vision more often occurs with time. As we age, many if not most tend to need some corrective lens to help them see life more clearly. I'm thankful for those who specialize in correcting

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