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Pastoral Perspectives; We, at First have some ministry opportunities that will require a long term-commitment to prayer and personal participation on a myriad of levels. The time, talent and treasure that God has provided for us will all need to be given with joy to His work in Hinton over the next several years should the church decide to begin a ministry to Hispanics. And as is often the case, our participation will be filtered through our personal priorities. I pray that we all will join God where He is at work currently and where He will present opportunities in the future. These opportunities are not embraced without first surrendering our will to God and then supporting what God assig

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives; It is apparent in the world we walk in every day that it is growing increasingly difficult to make present sacrifices for future rewards. Many, if not most are often held captive by the desire for instant gratification. Microwaves are for many the preferred choice over ovens. Advertisements abound that attempt to convince the public that no one should have to wait for anything. Consequently, when there is an unforeseen delay in our day, we are easily frustrated. The writer of Hebrews reminds us that sacrifices and delayed gratification, forced or voluntary are rewarded eternally. He described sacrificial giving toward him as the 'plundering of your goods' on my behalf.

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives, The thought of separation came to mind this week. Separation is a very difficult experience for human beings that God designed to be relational and connected. When human beings are separated from those they love, there is often sadness associated with the adjustment. Obviously, the closer the relationship the more difficult the separation will be. What is true of the physical is also true in the spiritual. God enjoyed perfect harmony in his relationship with Adam and Eve until sin entered their heart and separated them from God. It was a painful period of adjustment for those created in His own image. As one former pastor and friend of mine once said, 'sin will take

First Things @ First

Pastoral Perspectives; In the Gospel Project Study for adults, we recently were reminded of Samson in the book of the Judges. Samson, like many men today was a man of both physical strength and spiritual weakness. His physical strength was produced by the Lord who separated him from birth as a Nazarite. A Nazarite was set apart for God's purpose in life and for life. A Nazarite was required to watch his diet closely meaning He didn't drink any type of alcoholic beverage nor did he eat certain foods. Secondly, a Nazarite was never to go near anything that was dead. Thirdly, a Nazarite never cut his hair as an outward display of his vow to God, first and foremost. Aside from the facts surr

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