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Ministry Perspective

With all the bad news of late, there is good news out there as well. There are countless stories of people who are coming together to assist each other through a time of crisis. The politics that so often divide and destroy have been moved off the front page, at least for a few days. I realize it most likely will return, as will other 'stuff' that's been set aside for a while as soon as the current storm passes. But it's been a welcome breath of relief from all the poison being pumped out of the mouths of political pundits and into the minds of the public in an all-out, full-court press for power and control. Some other good news over the last ten days to two-week period that many haven't no

First Things @ First

Ministry Perspectives, A lot has happened since our spring revival in our world. Seems like it was months ago. For those who experienced a renewal of first love passion for Christ, no doubt you've been faced with the patterns of old that desire to be embraced again. From the launch pad of spiritual renewal believers are soon targeted with a 'surface' missile from Satan concerning the old practices that are designed to first distract our focus and then discourage our faith in the ongoing pursuit of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14 When one's spiritual edge is sharpened for more effective use in kingdom work, Satan will quickly cause a circumstance to blunt the edge

A Word From Pastor Keith (Friday)

Many have seen pics of the empty shelves at Wal-Mart recently where the paper products are kept. We've seen the cereal aisle and the bread aisle empty to. Something you may not be aware of concerning empty shelves. I was made aware through a post on Wednesday of this last week that revealed the aisle of shelves where Bibles are placed for purchase were virtually empty too. God still has a way to get our undivided attention, doesn't He? I've been reading this past week along with others in our D-group assignments from the book of Jeremiah most recently. I shared with one of my brother's in Christ yesterday how the word of God literally leaps off the page when this are in distress. I pray th

A Word from Pastor Keith

Ministry Perspective, We're on day eleven of a request from our President to take a break from the routine for fifteen days. It looks like in hearing from our Governor that this may go longer than we anticipated. Many appear to be complying with that request with the hope that it would not become a requirement. During this 'social distancing' period, we must not shut down ministry for fear of dying. I've been told in recent days that the church is considered non-essential and therefore should close its doors until further notice. That may be the greatest deception of all in this very 'strange' period in history. There has never been an event in my lifetime when the ministry of the church was

First Things@First

Ministry Perspectives, I know many are on information overload of late. But occasionally something comes along that is worth our time to truly consider. Such is the case of a post from a young woman named Sarah Bourns who lives in New York City where coronavirus appears to be more widespread. My daughter, Nicole sent what you are about to read this morning. Now you may be thinking as an Oklahoman that nothing good comes out of New York City but with respect to the following, I beg to differ. When something comes along that is better said than anything you could ever link together, print or post what is better. That's the reason for this somewhat different post on this Monday morning as w

Saturday 3/21/20 Ministry/Worship Update from Pastor Keith Gillham

We've all been scrambling to get some sort of grasp on the current situation facing us. And when we think we have everything lined up; someone moves the goal. This week has sort of been that way for me. There are so many opportunities in front of us during this period. Most of them have been there all along, we've just been too busy to notice. Take time to breathe today and reflect on your week and your life. Pray and ask God to remind you of the last thing He asked you to embrace regarding His kingdom work and do what He reveals. What we're experiencing is not new to our world. Human beings throughout history have dealt with interruptions in life. This is just the latest and largest we've e

Ministry/Worship Message from Pastor Keith Gillham

To the Fellowship of First Baptist, Hinton Recent circumstances have dramatically infected and affected our lives on a scale never seen in my lifetime. Our President has requested a two-week cessation of gathering in large groups. As Romans 13:1 directs the believer, “let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Regardless of your opinions of this President or any President, we must trust that God has placed the current one in office for a time such as this. Having met with our Deacons, I am informing you that we’ll honor his request with the hope that in the fo

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