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First Things @ First

I recently began working through Dr. David Jeremiah's material on 'The God You May Not Know.' He has a follow-up study on 'The Jesus You May Not Know' that I am looking forward to also. It was during one of those morning sessions that I was reminded of the contentment that comes from understanding that God is sovereign. That term 'sovereignty' has been misused and abused throughout the years. Often used to divide people instead of uniting them under the authority of God's rule in their life. The division has come largely because no one can fully comprehend the scope of what the sovereignty of God includes. Truth is, no one ever will this side of the glory of God being fully on display in hea

First Things @ First

What follows in one of those moments we have that sort of jumps off the page when reading a book or an article. It has to do with perspective and balance in our prayer life. Although we have been doing this spiritual discipline for a few years together, there are times when it is good to assess what we are doing and more importantly, why. Ronnie Floyd, President of SBC writes these words in his book, 'How to Pray--Developing an Intimate Relationship with God.' They help us reset the practice of prayer in our lives. et the practice of prayer in our lives. Floyd writes, "Effective prayer occurs when you talk to God and listen to what God is saying to you." I hope you will personally consider t

Ministry Perspective

With so much emphasis on tolerance of late, I was reminded of a king in the Old Testament who was not tolerant of anything or anyone that did not conform to his will. The king was Nebuchadnezzar. He was a tyrant that caused much heartache in the lives of God's people and his own people until He was humbled by the power of God a few years before his death. In our world today, we are being pressed upon to be increasingly tolerant of things that in some cases contradict the Word of God. When confronted for non-compliance to the latest 'trend', most can count on being treated with intolerance for not bending to the will of those who would disregard all forms of reason and right. While there is m

First Things @ First

It is no secret that raising children is difficult today. While it has never been easy, the economic pressure that often stems from the unreasonable standard to have what everyone has or do what everyone does has made the twenty-five-year investment period of parenting increasingly expensive and more difficult. However, I believe it is possible to raise children in an environment of godliness in a culture where access to so much ungodliness exists. Not easy, but worthwhile! To do so parents must implement some basic biblical practices that will release the oversight of God's work in your life and the lives of those you love dearly. It has been correctly said that God's purpose for parenting

Prayer Request for Nation

All of you know there is much discontent, and unrest being generated in this nation currently, whether rightly or wrongly. Consequently, we find ourselves in a battle for the soul of this nation. A nation founded on biblical principles. The adversary is determined to destroy the foundations on which our government and society have been securely fastened. I believe that God is and remains the only source of peace. When a nation abandons God, that nation will experience an absence of peace! We are seeing the visible evidence of forsaking God as a nation today. Brief periods of division have given way to seasons of unrest in America. Therefore I am requesting that IF you believe the Word of God

First Things @ First

I recently came across a phrase in the word of God that is often repeated, yet not that well understood. It is 'kingdom of God or kingdom of heaven.' The word 'kingdom' is used over one- hundred-sixty times in the New Testament. Jesus used it often as did John the Baptist who prepared the way for the Son of God. In fact, both John and Jesus message was centered around this phrase, 'repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.' When the disciples were sent out by Jesus, their purpose was to proclaim the kingdom of heaven to anyone and everyone that they crossed paths with. I have heard many definitions of the term, 'kingdom of heaven' or 'kingdom of God' through the years but the simplest to

Ministry Perspective

There is the tendency today to accept that God only works out His plan through vocational ministers such as pastors, teachers, missionaries, and evangelists. When you look at the Word of God, you discover a much different approach. In fact, when God sent His one and only Son into the world, He did not choose a priest, scribe, or religious leader in Jerusalem as a parent or mentor for His Son. God chose a common maiden betrothed to man whose life's work was carpentry. Consider this; when God chose the people of Israel, He began with a man named Abraham. Genesis 24:35 reveals that Abraham was a successful businessman. Isaac, his son was very prosperous in business, as well (Genesis 26:12-14).

First Things @ First

We often hear terms that pertain to the heart in church circles. Some biblical examples being, 'David was a man after God's own heart' (1 Samuel 13:14) OR 'the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?' (Jeremiah 17:9) What is the heart that God mentions in His word? O.S. Hawkins, author of The Believer's Code helps us sort that out. Follow along and permit the Lord to direct your mind on matters of the heart. Hawkins uses the text in Genesis 6:5 that says, "The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." Hawkins writes--"This is the first use of the word heart in the Bible. Here, it is

Ministry Perspective

I was reminded of one of the sacred secrets of scripture a few days ago from Genesis 1. It is one of the enduring mysteries in the word of God that truly requires faith to accept. I speak of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Triune God, three persons in one. While the word 'trinity' is not found in scripture, the reality of God existing as three in one is seen throughout the Word of God beginning in the beginning, Genesis 1:1. The Word of God says, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." The use of the word God in Hebrew is the word Elohim. What is interesting is that the noun used is in plural format. Therefore, we understand that God was present in plu

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