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First Things @ First

Ministry Perspectives, We have certainly had our fair share of bad news over the past few months. There has also been a little good news sprinkled in to keep us going if you know where to look for it. When you think about it, life on earth is filled with both bad and better circumstances. It's been that way throughout the history of the world and there is no indication at least until Jesus returns that things will be all that different. That said, the Word of God gives us both good news and bad news, as well. I was reminded of that a few days ago when I read Romans 6:23. The Word of God says in that verse, "For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal lif

First Things @ First

Ministry Perspectives, With all the talk of pandemic, I will pass on some information about another 'pandemic' that has been sweeping over this world for the last 25 years or more. This 'pandemic' won't make you ill at all. However, it will leave you a bit 'dizzy' for a while. I have been reading through David Jeremiah's book on 'The God You May Not Know'. Tucked between the covers of that book, you discover the following in chapter 5-- Jeremiah writes, "Our planet is facing an onslaught of global threats, but there's one menace you and I face every day without always recognizing it. We feel it, but it's hard to grasp all its implications. Experts call it ROC--rate of change. That's an appro

First Things @ First

Ministry Perspectives, As I type what follows, I am reflecting on how there can be so much information available in our world today and so little discernible truth. Most of what we have before us has a slant associated with it. Sometimes the information is slanted this way to leave a particular impression or to sway the audience in a certain way while at other times it is slanted the other way to do the same with another audience. Such is most of the dialogue of those who are more devoted to a cause of division and discontent than unity and blessing. Many in the Church today find themselves caught up in or even being swept away by what is going on around them more than who is dwelling within

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