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First Things @ First

There are times when as you read the accounts of the lives of others, your heart is encouraged to invite others into the circle. What follows is one of those occasions. It is centered on the transforming power of His resurrection and how it influences our life daily. This comes from a blog that I read in David Jeremiah's book titled, 'The Jesus You May Not Know.' "Michele Cushatt wrote a blog post titled, 'What Easter Means to Me," and she added a picture from her past. It was an Easter Sunday photo from her childhood. Michele was a little girl dressed in her Easter outfit, holding her dad's hand. He was dressed in a blue sport coat. Standing beside them was her mother in a fancy green dress

First Things @ First

Ministry Perspectives, It was in the early morning hours a few days ago while reflecting on the number of changes that have come upon our lives since January 1st, 2020 that I became a little anxious about the changes that are no doubt still ahead. I realize that is not the best testimony for a pastor but if you finish this, you will discover things changed before the sun came up. 2020 will be forever etched in my mind as a year when the fear of what might happen overruled the opportunity well within our reach. A year filled with a desire to 'get back to the normal' patterns of the past because they felt better, if not safer than what we were often forced to process in the present or consider

First Things @ First

Ministry Perspectives, What follows is an open letter from Dr. James Dobson forwarded by permission. I believe the information contained is vital for one's attention in such a time as this. Dear Friends, This will be my final letter to 800,000 people before Americans cast our ballots on November 3rd. It is a breathtaking moment in the history of the United States. Perhaps I will be permitted to repeat a brief comment I made in my August letter because of its relevance to today. Many political commentators have stated that this election is the most significant since 1864, when Abraham Lincoln vied for a second term against Democratic nominee, George McClellan. The future of our beloved nati

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