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Monday's Ministry Morsel

Did you ever lose something and it captivate your time and interest until you found it? Some things we don't fret all that much over if we can't find them and then there is that thing that causes our bodies to release adrenaline and increases your heart rate.

For some, it may be their phone and for others it might be a wallet filled with cash or cards. For others, it may be an important number or a document that you haven't seen in a few days.

When that occurs, priorities get shifted around immediately and without question or hesitation everything else becomes secondary until what you have lost is found.

I came across some thoughts from Charles H. Spurgeon' Morning and Evening daily devotional last week that's worth repeating and meditating on this week in reference to fellowship with Christ being lost.

Spurgeon writes:

"I sought Him, but I found Him not."

Song of Solomon 3:1

"Tell me where you lost the company of Christ and I will tell you the most likely place to find Him.

Have you lost Christ in the closet by restraining prayer? Then it is there you must seek and find Him. Did you lose Christ by sin? You will find Christ in no other way but by the giving up of the sin, and seeking by the Holy Spirit to mortify the member in which the lust dwells. Did you lose Christ by neglecting the Scriptures? You must find Christ in the Scriptures. It is a true proverb, 'Look for a thing where you dropped it, it is there.' So look for Christ where you lost Him,for He has not gone away. But it is hard work to go back for Christ. Bunyan tells us, the pilgrim found the piece of the road back to the Arbour of Ease, where he lost his roll, the hardest he had ever traveled. Twenty miles onward is easier than going back one mile for lost evidence."

I heard someone say once in reference to lost things being found--"I found it in the last place I looked." Sort of goes without saying, right? But under the direction of God's Spirit and God's Word, especially in the matter of fellowship with Christ being lost, it doesn't have to be in the last place you look, but rather in the first. The relief of finding what you've lost floods your soul and the refreshment that follows makes the time spent and the trip back well worth it!

May the Lord bless your travels this week, both forward and backward!

Pstr K

1 Corinthians 15:58