Monday's Ministry Morsel

I will have the opportunity this afternoon to share the word of God with a family that will gather by a grave and commit the body of their loved one to the ground. That ministry opportunity reminded me this morning of the temporal nature of this life and how brief it really is. Even 70 or 80 years is compared to a vapor that soon vanishes away.

All of us experience suffering on some level but the encouragement we draw from the word of God reminds us that even our days of suffering are numbered when we have a relationship with Jesus. The day is coming when there will be no more sickness, sadness, suffering or separation from loved ones. God has promised to wipe away all the tears as those who are redeemed gather in glory to exalt the One person who made our joy and celebration possible.

Our hope remains strong and steadfast in Christ! He has conquered discouragement, disappointment and even death and we who believe have reason to rejoice even in the periods that attempt to overwhelm us. The Word of God tells us that 'in Adam all die even so in Christ all shall be made alive."

1 Cor. 15

I pray that you have been made alive by the regeneration of salvation that comes by grace thru faith in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God who lived, died and rose again!

I hope that you will share this hope with someone this week who needs to be encouraged with the love of God and the salvation of Christ!

Wherever the path takes you this week remember you don't walk alone when you have Jesus!

The Spirit of God bears witness with out spirit that we are children of the Most High God!

That is reason to celebrate even on a February day that is dreary and damp and filled with present suffering.

Suffering may endure for today BUT it will not endure forever!

Give the Lord praise this week for His indescribable gift!

May the Lord bless you with His peace!

Because He Lives!!!

Pastor Keith

1 Corinthians 15:58