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Monday's Ministry Morsel

I was reminded this morning of the way the world looks at self confidence by contrast to the way the Lord looks at it.

Americans put great value on self confidence but God puts no value in it whatsoever. Therein lies the rub that robs us of something better.

Paul wrote in Philippians 3:3 that believers "should place no confidence in the flesh" and yet many, if not most applaud a person for being driven, motivated and self confident; assured of who he/she is, willing to take on any and all challenges.

There was once a story about a very self confident vacuum salesman who showed up at the door of a rural home many years ago. As he was met and greeted at the door by the lady who lived there, the salesman immediately began his sales pitch to her. Without asking, he proceeded to dump a bucket of dirt on the carpeted floor of the living area and said in a confident tone, "Right now, I am here to make a bargain with you. If this super-duper new vacuum cleaner doesn't pick up every bit of this dirt I will eat what's left." "Here's a spoon," the woman said, "we don't have electricity."

Who of us have not at some point had 'to eat' our own words? Writing checks with our mouth that our best efforts can't cash? Such is the danger of self-confidence.

Here's something worth our consideration today as we live under His grace. The Hebrew word for 'confidence' as it is used in the scripture can be translated in one of two ways. It can mean 'confidence' or 'stupidity'. The difference is seen in the source. As I am emptied of the flesh and filled with the Spirit, my assurance is placed in Christ. I have confidence in Him to provide all my needs for that day according to His riches in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19) I can live with certainty that He is watching over me and walking with me through each circumstance I face. I believe His wisdom and discernment are available for any situation and provided upon request.

When my confidence is placed in myself, anyone or anything else, no matter how good in the eyes of others, there remains some measure of uncertainty that my best laid plans will be realized. That lack of confident assurance stems from a flawed foundation of flesh. The reason is simple, even the most self confident individual you can think of is still flawed in their thinking because the desires of the flesh remain present and are often far to active.

So on this Monday morning, March 20, 2017 where is the source of your confidence found? If it's in yourself--expect some disappointments and a few setbacks. If it's in Christ, look forward to big gains this week in the opportunities that often come disguised in the form of challenges. As you 'tap' His Spirit this week, your life will be filled with confidence that you are not in this alone. As you put your trust in Him, you will continue to progress toward maturity. Rest assured, He will keep you on pace in His purpose!

Pastor Keith

1 Corinthians 15:58