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Monday's Ministry Morsel

On Monday, there is often a few moments of reflection, at least for me on the Sunday before. Sunday is the day when the church comes together from the 4 corners of the earth in some cases to worship the Lord who provided for them faithfully during their previous week's journey. It is also a time for worshippers, workers and warriors to prepare for the journey which lies ahead. In any and all cases, we need to be and remain close to the Lord. And the good news is, that is possible for every disciple of Christ.

God desires that we walk closely with him daily in order that we might be both hopeful of the future and helpful toward others in the present.

David, was not only a great warrior, he was a great worshipper, as well.

David wrote in Psalm 65:4--"Blessed is the man (woman) You choose, and cause to approach You, that he may dwell in Your courts. We shall be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, of Your holy temple."

All of us will face and fight battles of some sort this week. Some may find themselves battling with people on some level while others will find themselves battling over possessions and prizes. And all of us will battle with our pride at some point this week.

May we each and all have the wisdom to remember, the battles are orchestrated by the Adversary. And as we put those circumstances into perspective, may we also learn to face and fight the enemy that works behind the scenes, in the shadows of half truths and deception. Only then will we be able to love the people that are being used by the Adversary to disrupt and destroy.

The discernment we need to distinguish one from the other comes only as a result of being drawn close to God daily and abiding there. Read John 15. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to draw close to Him!

There, in that place of refuge and strength, we find shelter, supply and strength to overcome whatever the enemy may plot against us this week.

David was a great warrior in many ways because he was a great worshipper! His strength came from the Lord for serving, sharing and even for those dreaded periods of suffering. I pray that we might learn from his life and enjoy the fullness of being satisfied by the supply of our Lord, daily. It is available for all who choose to obey the call to approach and dwell in His courts. This is available for you, today, right now.

Pause where you are and consider the greatness of our God!! Praise and worship will no doubt be your response in your journey this week.

May the Lord bless His handiwork in each of your lives in our journey with Jesus.

Pastor Keith

1 Corinthians 15:58