A Word for the Week

Have you ever possessed something that for one reason or another did not live up to its intended purpose? Could have been an appliance or an article of clothing, a power tool that worked for a while and then for whatever reason, no longer would. It worked great for a while BUT....

Sound familiar?

Regardless of whatever 'it' may be or might have been, the response is often frustrating. This 'new thing' was supposed to make life easier, better or less time consuming. Could have been you just wanted to look better and the thing you were counting on let you down. You're faced with the option of having it repaired or having it replaced. Which would you prefer?

Given the choice, most would prefer to just start over with a brand new one in exchange instead of having a few parts changed on the old one and returned to you hoping it will work.

Consider this--If we feel that strongly about material things that cannot endure why would we not be more concerned about the truly meaningful things that matter?

I refer to the well-being of your soul.

I have used the phrase in the past and have heard others refer to the work of salvation in the soul as God changing that life. Generally speaking that is true. Those who believe God, deny themselves and surrender their will to Christ as Lord are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The spirit that is dead because of sin is made alive by the work of the Spirit. Ephesians 2:1 It is a life marked by a radical departure from the past as the believing sinner forsakes the sin he/she is forgiven of.

Instead of thinking of the transforming power of God changing a life, think of it in terms of God exchanging a life--His for yours and mine. I bring my ruined life that no longer works into the 'store' of God's supply and He gives me a brand new one.

He doesn't rearrange or replace a few parts in the old one and send me back out the door hoping this time it will actually work. God gives me a new life and takes the old one and throws it on the scrap heap.

God penned these words for all of us through the quill of the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:17. "Therefore if anyone be in Christ, they are a NEW CREATION, OLD THINGS have passed away, behold ALL THINGS have become NEW."

That's brand new, right out of the 'store' of God's supply.

To follow Christ does not mean or require that you and I all of a sudden adopt a new set of morals to live by. Following Christ doesn't mean that you and I begin to really 'try' to live for Jesus so your pastor will notice or your family will be pleased. To follow Christ means that I bring in what is broken and let Him exchange it for a brand new one that carries His personal lifetime guarantee with it. I bring Him what was broken while in my possession through confession of sin and give Him my old life, entirely. In exchange, the Lord gives the believing sinner His righteousness, His peace and His life, both abundantly and eternally.

So many in church today are really trying to live like Christ and most are frustrated with it all! They are 'trying' to add a few religious parts AS NEEDED or repair a few things that are obviously wrong from time to time. And nothing seems to work for very long. So they continue to return with something that has been 'fixed' by men instead of replaced by God. And the frustration grows!

Trusting Christ means that He takes the old life away, once and for all and gives you a brand new one to use for His glory.

Christ comes to live in us to empower us for His purpose and never leaves us or lets us down.

From His heart to yours, today, has anything like that ever happened in your life? Is there some frustration with your kind of faith going on in your soul? Still hauling your brokenness into church weekly hoping a few parts being rearranged or changed will be enough to get you through the week as you continue to 'try' to live for Jesus?

If you are frustrated with it all, why not bring what was broken while in your possession to the 'store' of God's supply. Confess to God, 'I broke it' and let God exchange it for something brand new! You won't regret it and you won't take it back, ever!


Pastor Keith