A Word for the Week

Huh! It's a word that is often used in these parts in response to something that was not heard distinctly. Now some might use the phrase, "What did you say?" or "Pardon me, I didn't hear what you were saying", while others might say, "I'm sorry, but you will have to speak up" and some just look at you with this deer in the headlight look. The point is clear, something was lost in the transfer. Failing to be on the same page of the conversation can be costly to relationships, not to mention downright embarrassing.

Example being--' a couple was driving down the road together one bright sunny day when the husband who happen to be driving turned to his wife of 50 years and said, "You're my tried and true love." To which the wife immediately responded, "Well, I'm tired of you too!"

You see how important it is to hear the conversation!

Circumstances like that could have been on the part of the speaker not speaking distinctly enough or on the part of the hearer who was not paying attention or a combination of both.

Either way, important information was missed and/or potentially lost and the relationship suffered.

I have a friend who paid a lot of cash for a hearing device that was supposed to have 3 different levels of sensitivity. There was one for outdoors, one for indoors and one for cases when it was very windy. (I guess that could apply to conversation both indoors, as well as outdoors) 🤔 I told him that I had heard of selective hearing and even accused of it a few times but it could be correctly stated that he possessed selective hearing.

Are you hard of hearing? Oh, not necessarily in the physical sense but rather concerning the spiritual? Some suffer with being hard of hearing because they are hard- headed. Their will simply will not yield to any voice but the one in their own head. While others have trouble hearing because they are hard-hearted. The sensitivity to the still small voice of God has been or is being drowned out by 'the noise' of this world.

When a person becomes hard-headed or hard-hearted, additional pain, pressure and problems are the consequence.

The people of God in Jeremiah's day could correctly be described as being hard-hearted and as a result, hard of hearing as seen from the word of God that was spoken through His prophets.

Here are a few examples--

"To whom shall I speak and give warning that they may hear? Behold their ears are closed and they cannot listen. Behold the word of the Lord has become reproach to them; they have no delight in it." Jeremiah 6:10

Isaiah faced a similar response--

"for this is a rebellious people, false sons, son who refuse to listen to the instruction of the Lord."

Isaiah 30:9

The consequence of refusing to hear can be dangerous and even deadly.

"hear, O earth; behold I am bringing disaster on this people, the fruit of their plans, because they have not listened to My words. And as for My law, they have rejected it also." Jeremiah 6:19

And this dreadful condition is not limited to people in the Old Testament. Luke wrote to hard- hearted people in the 1st century--"for the heart of this people has become dull, and with their ears they scarcely hear, and they have closed their eyes; otherwise they might see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and return, AND I WOULD HEAL THEM."

Acts 28:27

Are you having trouble hearing? It's not that God has quit speaking. He speaks everyday to those who have ears to hear. Are you enjoying conversation throughout the day with God? Is your prayer life better described as a monologue or a dialogue? In other words, are you doing all the talking and not taking time to listen carefully to the still small voice of God?

How long has it been since you heard a word from God and knew it was God speaking? For many, if not most--it's been too long!

The reason could be that you are hard-headed, unwilling to humble yourself before God. Or it could be that over time the old heart has grown hard and calloused to anything that God designs or desires for your life.

Either way, you're missing something important that potentially may cost you significantly if it's not corrected by the Great Physician, soon.

To the church today, Jesus is still saying, "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says."

Revelation 2:7,11,17, 29; 3:6, 13,22

Huh? Whatcha say?

May our hearing be addressed on a personal level daily because "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Pastor Keith

1 Corinthians 15:58