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Wednesday's Words

Where do you go for nourishment? How often do you seek to satisfy the natural hunger of the body? Most take time to eat 3 meals a day because daily nourishment is very important if our bodies are to remain strong and healthy. And yet many only take the time to be nourished once a week. For some, it's once a month. For others, it's only in times of great distress. I am not referring to how often a person attends church necessarily as much as I am referring to how often a person is attentive to Christ.

Hunger in the homeland of America is a growing concern, estimated to affect 50 million Americans on a regular basis including over 13 million children. Sadly, the lack of spiritual nourishment affects many more and what is strange, it doesn't appear to be a growing concern, especially among those in the church. Because daily nourishment from the word of God is refused, many who profess Christ grow weaker and more worldly, not holy and more healthy. A daily denial of spiritual nourishment on a consistent basis causes the spirit to become sick and the soul to become sinful.

And yet God continues to offer all we need for daily strength and consistent growth to do His will. We receive that necessary nourishment through His Spirit's imparting truth from His Word often in a given day as we continue our journey with Jesus.

The word of God tells us in John 4:34 that Jesus, God in flesh, gained nourishment daily from doing the will of God who had sent Him in order to finish the work assigned Him. Jesus knew the Word because He was/is the Word incarnate and His desire was to effectively carry out the purpose God sent Him to do. That included often separating Himself from the world around Him, including close friends at times to be alone with His Father so that He might be strengthened and prepared for the purpose He was given. If Jesus, being God with us needed a daily diet of spiritual nourishment, how much more do we who dwell in this body of flesh?

Yet, the evidence is clear that many have simply lost their appetite for separating themselves from the world to be with God in prayer and Bible study on a consistent basis. There appears to be less hunger for holiness and consequently less capacity to offer genuine hope to others around us because we simply haven't spent quality time with the Lord.

Circumstances such as these are not reserved for those who live in the 21st century only. Amos, the farmer turned prophet told the people of God almost 2800 years ago in a time of growing prosperity in the nation of Israel that "the days were coming says the Lord God that I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord." Amos 8:11 And when the famine of feasting on and following the word of God arrives--the famine of bread and thirst is sure to follow.

Those days came for Israel and I believe those days have come for the people of God in America. So long as we refuse to hear and obey the word of God; so long as we resist feasting on His word and experience the nourishment of doing His will, the church will continue to grow weaker instead of stronger and more worldly instead of holy.

Most who are 'worldly minded' don't see themselves as weak. In fact, it is just the opposite. They often see themselves as strong and self-sufficient. And so long as a person does not see themselves as worldly minded they will refuse to acknowledge that they are 'sickly' and sinful.

May God heal us from the sickness of self sufficiency that is too often satisfied with a 20 minute slice of 'pie in the sky, by and by' once a week at church. May God deliver His people who have come to be satisfied with the substitutes of Satan and the sin it produces! May God drive us to our knees in humility and then draw us to Himself through brokenness to His table of plenty through repentance. May His church once again have a desire to feast on His word for strength to serve and share with others from His daily supply!

If you know and love the Lord Jesus today, then pray and drink deeply from the milk of God's word. Then take up the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17) and slice you off a heapin' helpin' of hope from His table and find nourishment in doing His will.

That's what Jesus did. How could any Jesus follower be satisfied with less?

May God help us to not be so full of what the world offers that we lose our appetite for what truly provides lasting nourishment for the soul.

Thank God for His grip of grace!

Blessings and be safe in your travels!

Pastor Keith

1 Corinthians 15:58