Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'PROGRESS'.

It's a word that communicates the continuing pursuit of accomplishment.

The word 'progress' emphasizes forwardmovement. It may be little by little at times while at others it may come in large strides. Whichever the case, 'progress' communicates gain or even growth. The term is used so often and in so many different applications that we seldom appreciate what it emphasizes.

A fellow minister once shared with me that we must learn to celebrate 'progress'. An often we must do that patiently. Most everything that is worth anything takes time to build correctly so that what is undertaken may endure over the long term.

The phrase--'Rome wasn't built in a day' may apply to illustrate the process of 'progress'. It takes living and learning how to deal with toil and trouble that makes what we are building on worthwhile. That must always begin with a foundation of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of our sanctuary of salvation. That process of spiritual 'progress' must always be accompanied by the use of good materials such as truth and determination to see what is planned accomplished for His glory.

Paul stated in Philippians 3:13--"brethren I do not consider myself as having obtained, but one thing I do, forgetting those things that are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."

Some of our days are measured by great strides of spiritual growth while others may appear to move in centimeters. The point is that we are moving forward in faith and not falling back or falling away.

I was with my wife over the weekend in celebrating our 41st year of marriage. In one of the stops we made, I noticed a sign on a store shelf that said, 'it doesn't matter that much how I was yesterday because today I am different."

None of us can go back and make a new beginning. But in Christ, all of us can start today and make a new ending. It will require 'progress'. And 'progress' is a process! We must learn to celebrate the small steps that move us onward and upward in the same way we celebrate the giant leaps. After all, both take us forward in the journey with Jesus and conforms us to the image of God's Son. Jesus makes it all possible and worthwhile.

Here's to making 'progress' this next week in our faith journey with Jesus!

Pstr K

1 Corinthians 15:58