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Wednesday's Words

The word for this week is 'CHOICE'.

We, as humans make 1000's of them each day. When we leave. Where we go. What we see. Who we talk with. What we wear. Will it be red and white or orange and black? Will it be the white car or the blue pickup? Do we move or do we stay?

Choices. You and I have already made a few this morning and each one of them sets in motion something that we have to deal with later on some level.

Choice is God ordained for those made in God's image. In Genesis 2:8-17, God has created man (Adam) and chosen him to be the father of mankind. God then called Adam to oversee what He had created. God's plan was clear. The man He had created in His image, chosen to love, and called to oversee what God had provided for Him would be given the opportunity to respond to all that God had done for Him. Adam was given a choice.

In Genesis 2:8-17 God makes it, desires and designs for the man, abundantly clear! "Of every tree in the garden you shall eat, BUT of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die." Verse 17

Why would God place a boundary around something He had made? Why would God place that which was forbidden in the midst of the garden so Adam would have to walk by it often? Why not plant it off in the corner of God's garden creation to lessen the temptation?

There may well be many reasons for 'why', but I will focus on two that I see as primary. The first is for the purpose of Adam choosing to love God. God didn't design Adam for a loveless, mindless, heartless relationship. God didn't design Adam to be a pawn in His hand or a puppet that moved when God pulled the precise string. God designed Adam as a person. A living breathing soul made in the image of God. Adam was given the ability by God to think and reason. God gave Adam and all who would descend from him the gift of choice.

God made man and God loved the man that He had made. But God desired a relationship with Adam, not just a robotical response at what God desired for him. God chose to love Adam but would Adam choose to love God? God would give the man that opportunity in planting a tree in the midst of the garden and placing a boundary around it. The boundary would not be a wall, nor would it be a fence that was somehow electrically charged to keep out intruders. This boundary would be based on the word of God and built on love for God.

The second reason was for Adam to choose to worship God through submitting his will to the word of God. Not because of some restrictive demand but because of a deep desire to enjoy fully the relationship God had purposed for him. Adam had been made in the image of God and was one with God in the beginning. That's the way God deigned it and that is the way God desired for it to continue.

In response, would Adam make the choice to love the God who had made him and blessed with everything he needed?

In response, would Adam make the choice to express that in a way that acknowledged that God was the Master designer and he was the miraculous design?

In response, would Adam make the choice to agree with God's word and align his will in submission to it?

In response, would Adam make the choice that God's word wasn't up for debate or discussion?

Adam's choice to love God in response to God's love for him would determine if he enjoyed the life God made him for and made for him. Adam's choice to submit to God as LORD over his life would determine if the rest of his life would be a blessing or a burden.

There was nothing wrong with the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God made it. God placed 'the tree' in the midst of the garden to give the man He had made the opportunity the choice of enjoying God's love continually. God placed the tree strategically in the garden to give the man He had made the opportunity the choice of acknowledging God, as God daily.

We know that when given the choice, Adam made the wrong choice. And the consequence of his choice was/is severe. And because of His love, God chose to send His Son to save those who make the wrong choice today. And as life continues on this earth, every person must exercise their God given choice.

Will the choice be to love God or love self and the sin that results?

Will the choice be to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ who gave His life as a ransom for all who believe the word of God?

By the way, it is impossible to love God fully without first freely confessing Jesus to be Lord in your life.

Will life's most important choice bring a consequence of abundant life or will it leave you condemned to death? (John 10:10 / John 3:18)

We are given 'the choice' because of His love and His Lordship!

Therefore choose wisely because we live with our choice!

May the Lord bless you with wisdom in your daily decisions this week!

Pastor Keith

1 Corinthians 15:58