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Know anyone who needs encouragement? One need only take a look in the mirror.

I ran across this short example of encouragement that applies regardless of how young or old you may be. It said; "Everyone needs recognition for his accomplishments, but few people make the need known quite as clearly as the little boy who said to his father: "Let's play darts. I'll throw and you say 'Wonderful!'"

March is Teacher/Volunteer Appreciation Month at First. Over the next weeks each of us will have the opportunity to encourage those who serve faithfully in the body of Christ. There are some who have served for many years and there are others who have served for only a few months. Each one is vital to the function of the body of Christ in fulfilling His ministry purpose through the people of First Baptist.

1 Peter 4:11 speaks encouragement into the hearts of those who serve diligently.

"Whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen."

All of us need a fresh touch of encouragement and that opportunity starts with personal revival. Beginning on Sunday morning, March 10, I encourage each of you to make the most of God's time next week in joining us for 4 days of worship and fellowship. If you'll make that a priority, your heart will be blessed from the presence and provision of the Lord. That will help each of us to be a blessing to others going forward throughout the rest of the year.

It is said of S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chik-fil-A when training his employees on how to relate to customers, asked his employees, 'do you know how you can tell someone needs encouragement?' Some replied, 'They look sad.' Others responded, 'They are crying." And some said, 'They are yelling at their children.'

Cathy smiled and simply replied, 'They walk through the door.' We have an ongoing assignment as the redeemed of God going forward into 2019. The assignment; encourage one another as they walk through the door OR as you walk through the one they open for you.

May the Lord bless you today so you may bless others through all your tomorrows!

Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36