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Good Monday morning to all! Trust you are being refreshed by the presence of the Lord in this season of revival! If that isn't the case, let me encourage you in how that could become a daily reality.

In begins with being 'in sync'. That's a term that many have become familiar with in culture of late. However, many miss the importance of it in the spiritual application. 'In sync' is the shortened version of 'synchronization'. The term actually means--'in a state in which two or more people or things move or happen together at the same time and speed.'

For this to be or become an ongoing part of our lives we must be connected to the Vine, Jesus Christ--John 15. That's the only way for you and me to be able to move when He moves, speak as He speaks and minister as He would minister. Jesus Himself said in that text--"without Me you can do nothing." (V. 5) That includes anything that is of worth beyond the temporal things of this world.

We must be connected to the Vine every waking moment of our day. We must be/remain 'in sync' with God to experience the fullness of His life purpose for our person. That begins with Jesus being a resident within the confines of His spiritual temple, your body and mine, as opposed to only being a visitor. Jesus must be the continuing presence that provides the disciplined direction necessary to produce fruit that endures.

That simply will not happen so long as we operate within the mindset that Jesus comes and goes on an 'as needed only' basis. When we are truly 'in sync' with the Lord as Lord we realize that there is never a moment when we don't need Him to be actively at work in our soul.

Being 'in sync' is largely governed by what OR who we choose to listen to. I read a story a few days ago that illustrates the point very well. The story picks up with a plane filled with passengers who part way through the flight experienced some extreme turbulence. During the chaos, there was this occasional loud outburst of laughter coming from the mid-section of the plane. While many were fearful of what might happen next, one passenger's behavior was very different. In fact, it was nothing like those around him.

Upon further inspection, the person that was enjoying the ride most appeared to be listening to something very humorous through a set of headphones. He was on the same flight going the same direction but dealing with the turbulence much differently. While some on the plane were crying and this guy was immersed in laughter.

How was that possible? Simple; He was 'tuned in' to something different and the effect was evident. This passenger chose to 'tune in' to a different source than the rest who surrounded him. Some might say, well that's irresponsible, why shouldn't he be as fearful and miserable as everyone else on the plane?

When you think about it, it wasn't like he couldn't change the circumstances. He couldn't get off the plane in mid-flight nor could he smooth out the ride by gripping the arm of his seat tightly to smooth out the bumps. He couldn't shorten the period of turbulence by fretting over it and expressing that fear to those around him. This one passenger out of many simply chose to listen to a different source and it made 'the bumpy ride' much more enjoyable.

What or who are you listening to in the turbulent times of life?

What or who are you connected to? Are you 'in sync' with the Lord that still controls the wind and the waves?

By the way, the plane arrived at its intended destination with all aboard safe and secure. One just enjoyed the ride more than the others!

The same was true with Jesus. He experienced some 'turbulent times' in his life on earth. But because He was 'tuned in' to His Father and 'in sync' with His Father, He heard what others couldn't and responded differently.

Obstacles became opportunities and burdens were turned into blessings.

Jesus was connected to the One who 'is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you and I ask or think according to the power that works in us.' Ephesians 3:20-21


Your answer to that life question will help each of us sort out a lot of confusion that's driven by a lot of noise. It will also help avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict, as well.

If you have any desire to live like Jesus lived, speak like Jesus spoke, or minister like Jesus ministered, you must make a daily decision to be 'in sync'.

Jesus messaged that for us in John 14:11 when He said, "I am in the Father and the Father is in me."

Is He in you? If He is, are you 'in sync'? Are you in step; on pace with His purpose in life? Because if you are you will love like Jesus loved and live like Jesus lived! And the world you and I live in will with time look different, as well.

If you're not, you're out of step and out of place. And so long as you or I choose to remain there, the ride of our life will be much less enjoyable. Not only for us but for those around us, too!

May the Lord provide the source you need today to enjoy the ride!

Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36