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Ministry/Worship Message from Pastor Keith Gillham

To the Fellowship of First Baptist, Hinton

Recent circumstances have dramatically infected and affected our lives on a scale never seen in my lifetime. Our President has requested a two-week cessation of gathering in large groups.

As Romans 13:1 directs the believer, “let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

Regardless of your opinions of this President or any President, we must trust that God has placed the current one in office for a time such as this.

Having met with our Deacons, I am informing you that we’ll honor his request with the hope that in the following weeks this will not become a requirement of the citizenry of the U.S.

Hopefully, we’ll see a ‘flattening of the curve’ of illnesses in our nation and adjust accordingly. This is a fluid situation, but we’ll get through this together as we lean on our Lord.

* Over the next two weeks, plans are to livestream the services on Facebook live on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. If you or someone you know has internet service and would like to connect with our weekly worship services on Facebook live, go to the church Facebook page (First Baptist Church Hinton). If you don't have Facebook, we have people in place that may assist you. Contact the church office, if interested. You may also request a DVD of each service by contacting the church office and we’ll see that you get it.

Because D-groups consist of 6 or less and are scattered throughout the facility, each group will be given the option to continue meeting with oversight from their group facilitator until semester is completed— (middle of April). Facetime is also an option for those who can’t attend.

* If you or someone you know is NOT currently on our REMIND announcement/prayer app and would like to join--text @fbchinton to 81010 OR

by email:

There is no need to add subject on subject line. After you join via text, you will receive a couple of messages confirming that you joined and link to the download the "remind" app. There is no need to load the app, all prayer requests will be sent via test or email depending on how you choose to sign up. You will not be able to respond to messages. If you have a prayer request and would like it sent, contact church office at 542-6151, Pastor Keith or Becky.

* If you know of someone that is NOT currently on our PRAYER PARTNER email list, encourage them to join. All that is needed is to call the church office and submit an email address. Through this information source, updates and encouragement will be provided through this period.

We have the opportunity during this ‘down’ time to be salt and light as we serve others in our community. There are opportunities to be in touch with those you live among, specifically those you live closest to.

Contact some of our elderly by phone and spend some quality time with them in conversation.

Check with your next-door neighbor to see if you can assist them in anyway.

Take a walk with your family on days that permit through your neighborhood and pray for the families that live there. The fresh air will do you good and the exercise won't hurt either.

If you live in the county, drive into town and select a few blocks to walk and pray for your fellow citizens.

Take advantage of the ‘extra’ time to inquire and encourage while not invading the space of others. It might be only a prayer of encouragement for them, but God will use it for His glory! And it might be an opportunity to see the fearful embrace faith in Jesus. Praise God!

There are opportunities to help deliver groceries to our older adults from Market Square. Recipients of this service appear to be the most vulnerable; 60 and older. This will be ongoing over the next few weeks. You may call the church office to let us know of your availability on being a servant to our seniors.

There are opportunities coming in April and possibly May to help serve the local food pantry for a day of distribution. The seniors of Hinton have been shouldering most of this load currently. This circumstance gives those who are younger the opportunity to step in and serve them for a couple of monthly cycles. This endeavor will touch many lives not connected with the fellowship of First Baptist. I trust you will rearrange some schedules and help us help others. You may contact the church office if you are willing to step into one of these slots of service and we will get that information to those who are leading.

Each member of First Baptist is asked to be faithful in praying for the Lord’s servants to serve the Lord when we are not ‘housed’ in the church of our choosing. Instead of focusing so heavily on whether we’re meeting or not, let’s focus more on whether we’re ministering or not. All members can do something.

For the elderly, they are asked to pray and encourage those coming behind them.

For those less susceptible, all are asked to step up and stand in the gap of service.

There is much good that can come from this pause in normal operations. I pray we, as the Lord’s church will adapt and adopt the ministry opportunities before us.

On-line Giving remains a good option for continuing financial support of ministry opportunities.

You can download GivePlus+ Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Then you can easily make donations from your smartphone or laptop. Visit to learn more and you can also click on the Give Online button at bottom of the page to give via the web page.

You can always just bring offerings by the office during office hours or drop them in the mail if you’re unable to attend services. (FBC mailing address--P.O. Box 38, Hinton, 73047)

Our nation, state and community are being damaged by a much more deadly sickness than Covid-19. It is the sickness of fear. I encourage you to trust the faithfulness of God in bringing us through this. In the meantime, we are being given great opportunity to respond with faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love. (1 Cor. 13:13) We must seize the moment of ministry and allow the Lord to crucify our complacency.

Let’s come together and demonstrate to the world that there is a God in heaven who has revealed our future with Him. May ‘our’ world be altered for His glory through ministry to those we live among.

I believe this can be our finest hour as the Church of Jesus Christ. I trust you do, as well.

We are On Mission 365! The mission took on new meaning a few days ago here at home!

We will reevaluate on March 29 and update as required.

Be encouraged,

Pastor Keith

Psalm 62:1-8