Saturday 3/21/20 Ministry/Worship Update from Pastor Keith Gillham

We've all been scrambling to get some sort of grasp on the current situation facing us. And when we think we have everything lined up; someone moves the goal. This week has sort of been that way for me.

There are so many opportunities in front of us during this period. Most of them have been there all along, we've just been too busy to notice.

Take time to breathe today and reflect on your week and your life. Pray and ask God to remind you of the last thing He asked you to embrace regarding His kingdom work and do what He reveals.

What we're experiencing is not new to our world. Human beings throughout history have dealt with interruptions in life. This is just the latest and largest we've encountered in America.

The church is NOT closed for business. The church is adjusting to greater opportunities of ministry than we've taken the time for in recent years. Let's seize the moment because this window of opportunity will not last forever. Lives are being changed for His glory through this very strange time in our lives. Be engaged providing hope and help to those who are searching for stability in life in what may be very uncertain times for them.

Be faithful to Livestream on Facebook tomorrow morning at 10:30.

After all, it's still the Lord's and we're invited to worship and give praise with thankful hearts.

Don't allow social distancing to become a spiritual disconnect.

First Baptist is still engaging in ministry opportunities throughout the week

Be faithful in supporting these ministries through honoring God with the first fruits of His blessing on your life. Opportunity remains for continued giving to support our North American missionaries during this period through Annie Armstrong Offering.

We are around $6,250 toward a goal of $10,000 for this Easter season.

Be faithful to share with someone the love and kindness of our Lord. Encourage those you live among either by phone or messaging or personal invitation to join you in a journey of faith with Jesus leading the way. Invite and inform them of the worship opportunities available over the next few weeks.

Facebook Livestream schedule currently is--

10:30 a.m. on Sunday for the next two weeks.

6:30 p.m. on Wednesday for the next two mid-week services.

D-groups currently have the option of meeting with the oversight of their group facilitators.

We'll re-evaluate on March 29 and keep you informed.

'This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!' Psalm 118:24


Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36