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Ministry Perspectives,

I know many are on information overload of late. But occasionally something comes along that is worth our time to truly consider. Such is the case of a post from a young woman named Sarah Bourns who lives in New York City where coronavirus appears to be more widespread.

My daughter, Nicole sent what you are about to read this morning.

Now you may be thinking as an Oklahoman that nothing good comes out of New York City but with respect to the following, I beg to differ. When something comes along that is better said than anything you could ever link together, print or post what is better. That's the reason for this somewhat different post on this Monday morning as we enter day 9 of a nationwide request to keep our distance from each other. I know nothing about this young woman, but I know that God is using her to put a lot more than just coronavirus into proper perspective. Hopefully we'll remember long after this thing passes.

If you read it, be prepared to be confronted, convicted, hopefully convinced and converted that God's way is still the only way to live life. As you read, you will discover that coronavirus is exposing in close detail of who we've become as Americans and sadly, even as people of God.

I would say read and enjoy but I think it better to say read and reflect. Then respond in a way that causes the things we hold as important to hold us for the duration of our life.

Sarah writes,

'We've all been exposed.

Not necessarily to the virus

(maybe...who even knows).

We've all been

exposed BY the virus.

Corona is exposing.

Exposing our weak sides.

Exposing our dark sides.

Exposing what normally lays far beneath the surface of

our souls,

hidden by the invisible mask we wear.

Now exposed by the paper masks we can't hide far

enough behind.

Corona is exposing our addiction to comfort.

Our obsession with control.

Our compulsion to hoard.

Our protection of self.

Corona is peeling back our layers.

Tearing down our walls.

Revealing our illusions.

Leveling our best laid plans.

Corona is exposing the gods we worship:

our health,

our hurry,

our sense of security,

our favorite lies,

our secret lusts,

our misplaced trust.

Corona is calling everything into question:

What is the church without a building?

What is my worth without an income?

How do we plan without certainty?

How do we love despite risk?

We've all been exposed.

Our junk laid bare.

Our fears made known.

The band-aid torn.

The masquerade done.

So what now? What's left?

Clean hands

Clear eyes

Tender hearts.

What Coronavirus reveals, God can heal.

Come Lord Jesus.

Have mercy on us!

Well said!

May God cause us all to radically adjust our thoughts about Him and about others for 'as we think in our hearts, so are we.' Proverbs 23:7

God is on the throne!


Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36