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Ministry Perspective

With all the bad news of late, there is good news out there as well. There are countless stories of people who are coming together to assist each other through a time of crisis. The politics that so often divide and destroy have been moved off the front page, at least for a few days. I realize it most likely will return, as will other 'stuff' that's been set aside for a while as soon as the current storm passes. But it's been a welcome breath of relief from all the poison being pumped out of the mouths of political pundits and into the minds of the public in an all-out, full-court press for power and control.

Some other good news over the last ten days to two-week period that many haven't noticed or mentioned. The abortion mills in America have been deemed non-essential recently. That means they're required to close due to Covid-19. Imagine that. Abortion being non-essential. Now there's a reason to rejoice about some good news that you'll not see on the evening news!

What some tried and couldn't get done through the process of state government in recent years, God did with a crisis of Corona in a matter of days. God is using a 'bad' time in the neighborhood for adults to stop a much worse time in the life of the most innocent among us. I pray these 'butcher' shops continue to be considered 'non-essential' going forward and are never opened again! However, if left up to human beings in government who are more interested in getting re-elected than honoring God, I have reason to question that ever becoming a reality. And God's judgment on this nation will continue through other 'stressors' that are permitted under His oversight.

In recent weeks, the God of heaven and earth has revealed that He can intervene and shut us down. And in all the 'misery' of the moment, His mercy is available for those who desire it! That's good news!

Why does this even matter with all the other stuff that we're being bombarded with today? You can do the math for yourself, but in just two weeks, approximately fifty thousand infant human beings, all made in the image of God have been given another day, week, month or who knows maybe a lifetime to live. Is that not a reason to rejoice in the turmoil of our time? That God used a germ to overrule the misguided judgment of adults over the last 50 years and halt the on-going 'butchery' of pre-born babies in this nation? Is not personal inconvenience and comfort worth that? Sadly, for many it's not. In fact, most who think only about themselves never consider that segment of suffering in our population until something like this blog brings it to their attention. I truly hope that those who God gifted to prevent this pandemic we're facing weren't seen as an inconvenience 40 years ago and aborted. That didn't really matter then. God helps us to see that it must matter more in coming days!

Wouldn't it be a great thing for more who have been conceived in the image of God to be given the opportunity to be born and live the life He designed them for? Wouldn't it be a good thing if those who support their death either repented or were removed altogether by the God who made them?

May we, the church fight harder against the unseen forces of Satan in the strength and supply of the Lord Jesus Christ! And may we fight with greater determination against those who are seen siding with master of disaster on behalf of those who are not able to fight for themselves! May each of us pray more fervently and petition our leaders in government more faithfully to represent God better in representing the people they're elected to serve. God help us to do more to help those who can't help themselves in a crisis they have no say in.

Infant abortion in our nation has been going a lot longer than the situation many adults are so concerned with currently. Keep this in perspective, what will only alter the life of many in this nation in the foreseeable future doesn't compare to what's been altering the life of the unborn for the last fifty years.

I pray that the church will leave the seat of comfort and complacency and get on their knees in fervent prayer for God's continuing oversight and overrule in this particular matter of life. I sincerely desire that the good news of seeing infants saved continues long past the circumstance that prompted it. May this kind of good news not end when the bad news of the current circumstance is replaced by something else.

Proverbs 20:7 says, "The righteous walks in his integrity--blessed are his children after him!"

Righteousness begets blessing, for us today and for our children tomorrow!

God, bring on more good news amid bad times in our community, state and nation and give your people a reason to rejoice!

Be full of faith and filled with the Spirit daily!

Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36