A Word from Pastor Keith

My soul was encouraged on Monday (April 6) as I read a passage from the book of Hosea 14:5. If you aren't familiar with the prophet Hosea, his name is derived from the same root word that Joshua and Jesus come from. The Hebrew word 'Hoshea' means salvation.

When God begins to speak through the prophet Hosea to the people of Israel, he does so in one of many cycles of judgment for their idolatry. The people of God had substituted the worship of their own 'gods' for the true worship of the God who had provided all things to enjoy. They had taken the blessing of God and directed it toward the 'pleasures' of their own design.

God was willing to embrace His people once again if they were willing to repent of their sin of idolatry and love Him with all their heart. We can see the impact of that in Hosea 14:5 where God says to Israel and to us, "I will be like the dew to My people Israel."

What God promised to Israel, He promises to us as well. He will be like the dew of the morning that refreshes every day.

As I was reading Monday morning, the question was presented, "where does dew come from?" Good question. And one I might add is not often examined. You would think that a guy who lived the first 40 years of his life dealing more directly with weather conditions because of involvement with agriculture would have figured that out. What I never took the time to carefully consider was this, dew doesn't rise nor does dew fall. The latter being the more commonly used of the two. Dew occurs in that special time during the day, often early morning when conditions are just right. The dew will often appear just as the sun rises in the morning. Some days, the dew will be very light and other days the dew will be very heavy. It's only when the conditions are right that the dew appears. It comes to refresh all things living. For plants it is a jump-start to the day. But what about us? Those who have been made alive in Christ through the power of God's grace?

O.S. Hawkins makes this observation for the soul--(and I paraphrase)--'when God said to Israel, 'I will be like the dew to My people,' He wasn't asking Israel to pray for Him to come down or even to rise up to meet them. God was saying, 'when the conditions are just right within your lives, I'll show up.' Like the dew that appears, I'll be there."

What God said to His people 2800 years ago through a prophet that endured some difficult days in Israel remains true for you and me today. When we're right with God in our soul and right with each other, God reveals Himself and provides for all who are living in Christ. (We'll talk more on 'Life IN Christ' Sunday morning) Yes, God is like the dew to His people today. He is our salvation! He is our strength to start every day!

Be refreshed by His appearing today,

Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36

God is like the dew to His people today