A Word from Pastor Keith

My soul was refreshed last Wednesday morning in my continuing journey through Experiencing God. I came across this section that brought clarity and calm to my spirit. I pray it will reset you for a great week this week!

Throughout scripture, God often permits the problems of life to increase to the point that they literally overwhelm. God allows that in order that we might be able to see a greater measure of His power in delivering those He calls His own.

Blackaby writes--"when you face confusing circumstances, don't start blaming God. Don't quit following God either. Ask Him to reveal the truth of your circumstances, to show you His perspective. Then wait on the Lord. (Psalm 25:3-5)

You need to have your life firmly anchored in God. The most difficult thing you'll ever have to do is deny self, embrace the will of God, and follow Him. (Matthew 16:24) The hardest part of our relationship to God is remaining God-centered. If you were to record a whole day in your life, you might find that your prayers, your attitudes, your thoughts--everything about that day--was radically self-centered. You may not be seeing things from God's perspective. You may try to explain to God what your perspective is, but the key is God's will. As your Father, He has every right to be:

The Initiator in your life.

The Focus of your life.

The Director of your life.

That is what it means for Him to be Lord."

And when Jesus is our Priority every day--each day takes on new perspective and our patterns change for the better.

May the Lord be Lord this week, because He is!

Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36