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A Word For Today

The word of God reminds us in Matthew 5:13-16 that the Church, the redeemed of God are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We need to see that our purpose for living each day flows out of His purpose of loving God and others. Matthew 22:36-40 In so doing, we will influence this world for good.

While most in this world would never admit it, those who are born again in Christ are helping to hold off the wrath of Almighty God from being poured out on this world. We understand that this will occur eventually. However, God is allowing multitudes of people the grace of His long-suffering for the purpose of giving them opportunity to be saved. From the position of being justified as believers, every difficult day of delay in this world is one more opportunity for those who do not know the Lord as Savior to do so.

Therefore, we are given the opportunity to help save a life from certain death. We throw out the lifeline of hope that is designed to helps draw the dying to salvation.

To accomplish this purpose (His purpose) daily, we are commanded to be salt and light. Many, if not most understand what light does to darkness. It dispels it. Light always over comes darkness! It simply cannot do anything else unless that light is purposely hidden. And every believer is tasked with shining the light in the darkness while walking on this earth.

Salt on the other hand has many different beneficial characteristics. One benefit being salt preserves what it touches. This is what the world around us does not grasp. As we interact with human beings on this earth the world is given another day by God's grace to answer the call of salvation. The Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 2 that God's Spirit and those in whom the Spirit dwells (the Church) have a restraining effect on the evil that Satan would perpetuate. However, the day will come when the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Lord's Church is removed. And evil will explode on this earth. If you think it is bad now, you cannot begin to imagine what it will be like then.

Another benefit of salt is that it adds flavor to what it touches. Our lives should add flavor to the lives of others in the everyday 'mix' of life on earth. Our lives should enhance the basic ingredients of life in way that life is better enjoyed by everyone around us.

Another beneficial characteristic of salt is one that is not often as welcomed. If you have ever sprinkled salt on an open wound, you know there is an immediate reaction. Salt stings! Salt has as a healing component associated with it. However, it must be applied to realize any benefit. The 'sting' is seldom welcomed but often necessary. Our lives should make such an impact on those around us, not for purposes of hurting but rather for healing.

A final benefit of salt is that it makes you thirsty. If you have ever attempted to eat popcorn without something to drink, you know what I am saying? Oh, that we, the Church through our daily activities leave others thirsting for the living water that only Jesus can provide. A relationship with Jesus refreshes the thirsty soul and refreshes the body of Christ. As we take in the living water of Christ's life daily, others around us are influenced to take Him into their soul, as well.

The world may not know it or ever acknowledge that those who are in Christ are necessary in this world. But while the Church is present, opportunity to embrace grace that saves is provided for all who are not in Christ. Jesus preserves. He flavors. He heals. He causes thirst that can only be satisfied in the Source of Himself.

Without light, it can be dangerous for anyone to walk in this dark world. Without salt, life is bland. Not only for us personally but for those around us, as well.

In the words of our Lord and Savior, be salt and light and let God use you to help others better enjoy the life God provides through Christ!

God's best always,

Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36