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Ministry Perspective

There is the tendency today to accept that God only works out His plan through vocational ministers such as pastors, teachers, missionaries, and evangelists. When you look at the Word of God, you discover a much different approach. In fact, when God sent His one and only Son into the world, He did not choose a priest, scribe, or religious leader in Jerusalem as a parent or mentor for His Son. God chose a common maiden betrothed to man whose life's work was carpentry.

Consider this; when God chose the people of Israel, He began with a man named Abraham. Genesis 24:35 reveals that Abraham was a successful businessman. Isaac, his son was very prosperous in business, as well (Genesis 26:12-14). Jacob, Isaac's son became wealthy through his business dealings, as questionable as some might think they were (Genesis 30:43). Do you recall Joseph's success after his many years of waiting on God's promise? Joseph served as prime minister of Egypt. His business was overseeing the accumulation and distribution of grain for the known world at the time (Genesis 41:37-57). Joseph was not a missionary as we define it so often today. However, through his business dealings he was on mission for God. Moses was another who was raised in wealth for forty-years and left it behind for tending animals. It would be a much different way of life for the next forty years for Moses. Exodus 3:1-6 records that it was while Moses was tending to business in the backside of nowhere (Midian) that God appeared to him and gave him the assignment of leading His people out of the bondage of Egypt to the land of promise. Elisha, the prophet was plowing a field as a farmer when God called him to ministry

(1 Kings 19:19-21). Amos gave testimony that he was neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but rather a tender of sheep and sycamore trees (Amos 7:14). Daniel was an official of government who was available to be used of God when the opportunity presented itself. Because Daniel made prayer a priority (three times each day), God made His response to Daniel's prayer a priority, as well. Jesus was a carpenter before He was a preacher, healer, and Savior to the world. And in His three years of ministry, Jesus stayed with the plan of God and called fishermen, tax collectors and men of industry as His first disciples. In fact, Jesus told the Pharisees that the harlots and tax collectors would be entering His kingdom ahead of those robed in religion (Matthew 21:31).

Henry Blackaby states, 'For too long, Christians have assumed that activity of God occurs only on Sundays at church. In reality, the Scripture reveals that God is at work continually in the marketplace...the marketplace is where people spend most of their time. God does not wait to encounter them when they enter His house on Sundays. He goes where people are and encounters them during their everyday lives.' (ref. Experiencing God-- pg. 300-301)

God is working throughout His world hour by hour, day by day, month by month, year after year. And He invites anyone to join Him in His work. If you have never given much thought that God could use you where you are, doing what you do in business, think again. People in business are one of God's primary pools of enlistment in His eternal enterprise of getting the good news out to the world in order that sinners might be saved from suffering spiritual bankruptcy.

As some of you know, I have not always been a pastor. God blessed in many ways during my years in agriculture. Like many of those noted above, my earlier years were God's way of preparing me for what He had prepared me for! As a result of obedience to His call on my life, His blessing continues in the assignment I am currently engaged in. Through it all, He uses what He provides for His purpose daily! I pray you can say the same today with confidence in the continuing journey with Jesus!

As you enter the job site this week, be engaged in 'the business' of His business while on business at your place of business. God will reward your investment with the enduring work and wealth of the gospel!

The time clock is running. The time-card is before you. Have you 'punched in' today?

Hope so. If not, it is not too late!

A blessing awaits someone you'll meet today while on the job if you will approach the day with joy and gladness of heart.


Pstr K

Hebrews 10:35-36