In our small group Bible study in the book of Genesis, I saw something else in something that I had seen many times before. You may well have experienced that also as you ran across a scripture that you may have read a few times, or a thousand times and it revealed something new and fresh to consider. (That's just one reason why the Word of God is extraordinary)

This 'nugget' of truth came as we were 'mining' some of the material from Genesis 3. We came to the question that God asked Adam after Adam did what God said to not do. (Not good)

The Bible says that Adam and Eve heard the Lord God walking in the cool of the day and instead of running to Him as they had each time before, this occasion was different. Adam and Eve ran away and hid. And thousands of sunrises/sunsets later, many still are.

God asked a particularly important question of Adam. One that God is still asking today of those that He has made and those who, because of transgression are attempting to hide out in the environment of their surroundings. God said, "Adam, where are you?" And Adam responded, " I heard Your voice, and I was afraid..." Let's just hit the pause button right there for a minute.

God is not asking Adam where he was geographically in the garden so much as He is asking Adam where he is in proximity to his Creator and Lord.

Because God is omniscient (incapable of learning anything because He knows everything) God knew where Adam was geographically. Adam knew where God was because he could hear Him walking. And God knew where Adam was in relation to Himself. Adam could hide in the foliage because of fear all day but Adam could never make himself invisible to God.

Have you ever wanted to hide from God? Have you ever tried hiding out in the environment of what surrounds you in this world?

Because Adam, nor we can hide from God, then why the question from God to Adam, "Adam, where are you, son?" The answer is simple and far-reaching. For the first time in God's time of enjoying the fellowship of His crown jewel of creation, something had dramatically changed, and the change was devastating to God and deadly for Adam. Those created in His own image had decided they no longer wanted to be. Sound familiar? While none of this surprised God, the separation was still very real for Him because God enjoyed spending time with those which He had long journeyed with. He still does!

When the worst happened, God did what He had always done. He came to them because He loved them. God loved them both even when those He loved made a decision about something they chose to love more; themselves. And when that fateful decision was made by Adam, God felt the effect of it.

Have you ever considered the sting of betrayal that occurs in the heart of God when you and I decide to do exactly what God has forbidden by His word? Have you ever placed yourself in the skin of Adam in that we who have been remade in God's image no longer want to be for an hour or two or a day or two or a year or two?

In the time it takes for lighting to flash, everything changed between the creature and the Creator; the man and his Maker; a son and his Father. What was once 'very good' had now become unbelievably bad. The lust of the flesh, the lust of eyes and the pride of life had robbed Adam of God's abiding presence and would ruin His provision for both he, his wife and all who would follow. Sin does that still today!

Something in Adam died and Adam couldn't revive it or restore it! Only God could and would. Thank God He did and does!

The next time God comes with an invitation to join him for fellowship, will he find you and me running to Him or running away? We've all heard the question directed at us, "Adam, where are you son?" "Eve, where are you daughter?" WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

God is not looking for information when He asks that question of us. He is looking to restore the intimacy that once was joyful and fulfilling and can be again!

Praise the Lord for His taking the initiative in seeking us and saving us!

Hopefully, you won't have to wait so long to see what I was permitted to see just a few days ago!

The next time you hear from God, come-a-runnin' and enjoy His company once again!

Be encouraged,

Pstr K

Jeremiah 29:11