Here's a word that may shed new light on your daily circumstances. The word is 'occupied'. When something, say for instance an area is occupied, it means that the entrance of something or someone else is prohibited. Who of us has not seen a sign on an entrance of some sort that communicates such?

The Apostle Paul uses the word temple in his writings to communicate to those of us who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ that our bodies have become the 'temple' of the Holy Spirit. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:19, 'Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?'

The word 'temple' was used to remind the reader of the temple or tabernacle that God laid out for Israel in the Old Testament. The temple was a special place set apart for people to meet God. In the New Testament, the word could refer to the temple area on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem or it could refer to the innermost part of the temple known as the Holy of Holies. This special place was designated for God accepting the offering of the people from the High Priest once a year for atonement. It was where man met God.

When Paul uses the word 'temple' in his letter to the church in Corinth, he is referring to the latter, the innermost part of who we are. That special place where God dwells within the soul.

This is an awe-inspiring thought--we who have met God relationally through faith house the very presence of God in our person. In other words, our physical form of construction becomes His spiritual frame of consecration that is designated for His purpose and His glory!

As the redeemed of God, our heart becomes His house. Our soul becomes His sanctuary. When the presence of the Holy Spirit occupies our person, there is only one throne that can be occupied. And if that special place is not occupied by God, then something or someone else occupies it and that is not good.

The Lordship of Christ is not a partnership. The Lordship of Christ is singularly about ownership.

Paul says, ' are not your own." The holy place in us is not a closet stuck off in the corner of our soul nor is it a conference room where we meet with God occasionally for advice and consent to better do our own thing. The place where God's person resides determines our decisions and the course of life. As I meet Him in the throne room of my heart, I have all I need to do all He desires. The alternative is that Jesus is 'locked out' of His rightful place in my soul because I am occupied with another. That is what the Apostle John referred to in his address to the church at Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7). These Ephesian believers had locked the Lord out of their lives. In response, Jesus is seen knocking at their heart's door to remind them of His love for them and His rightful place as Lord.

In our society today, it is easy to be occupied with many things in life instead of being occupied by who is most important for life. We have all been there. If you are today, the Lord stands at the door and knocks to remind you that He is still there, He still cares and He is still desiring for you and me to come to the place of moving out of the way so that He may fully/freely occupy the temple of our body. The place that we willingly surrendered at salvation.

It is worth noting that when we are born again, God did not run us out with force, we invited Him in through faith when we signed over the deed of ownership to our soul to a Savior who gave us life when we deserved death.

Jesus is/remains something worth living for every day!

Enjoy the journey!

Pstr K

Jeremiah 29:11