First Things @ First

Ministry Perspectives,

I was restless a few nights ago being awakened from sleep in the early hours of Friday, December 11. I have learned, it’s better to get up and spend some quality time with God than to twist and turn in sleeplessness waking others in the process. Not good! After all, it’s in the quiet moments that God often speaks very clearly. The ‘noise’ of this world too often distracts us from hearing what needs to be heard.

Once heard, the challenge then is saying what needs to be said with the hope that it will be heard under the counsel of the Holy Spirit working all things together for good (Romans 8:28).

That said, when I pause and consider how rapidly the nation of America has changed in the last twelve months, I, like others am saddened by what I see and even more by what I hear. Much is being compromised and much is being forfeited without much resistance.

I was given a story on Monday that went something like this--'There was once a dog tied with a chain whose owner removed one link in the chain every few days. At first the change was hardly noticeable. But every few days a link was removed and the chain became shorter and shorter until the dog could not move at all.' That is a good picture of what is happening to our freedom in America, even as I write.

The foundation that set us apart from the rest of the world for almost two-hundred and fifty years, the formation of what became the envy of many is quickly being replaced by a system of Satan that seeks absolute control over our way of life. That includes our opportunities to worship freely and being rewarded in our work.

America is a nation currently fueled by discontent. Consequently, we are more divided today than we were twelve months ago or even six months ago.

The all-out assault on faith and freedom is escalating with every passing day. And with it, confusion, and division increase. (That alone should help a believer to understand who is behind all this societal shift away from God and each other).

Should those who have been elected and appointed to uphold our nation’s constitution ignore their oath, (and many have and are) America will not long remain as one nation under God indivisible with freedom and justice for all. America will go the way of every other nation who chose to drink from the cistern of personal pride and subsequently became intoxicated with the pursuit of power.

America has long been a nation in desperate need of spiritual repentance and restoration. The problem has been that we haven’t been desperate enough to turn around and embrace what God offers by grace through faith. God has sent evangelists, missionaries, preachers, teachers to warn of the hazards of wayward living. God has placed shepherds in their respective positions to both guard and guide the fellowship. God has strategically placed each one to proclaim that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. And many, if not most have come to ignore it as a trivial matter. Other things seem more important. Making a living became more important than making a life that honored the God who gave it! Consequently, most find themselves chasing the wind (Ecclesiastes 4:4-6) and chasing their tail, as well. (Wearing themselves out and going nowhere fast)

Should those who hear not heed God’s Word, God will, with sufficient time leave them to their desperation because they refused His help. There is precedent to that statement. If you care to find it, you may begin with the book of Judges or any of the Old Testament prophets regarding God’s dealing with His own people, Israel and then read Romans 1 from the New Testament.

Such is the consequence of forgetting God.

The good news is that our hope remains in God as our Source, Jesus as our Savior, and the Holy Spirit as our Sustainer, The Godhead, Three in One remain the solution for discontent and division. Only God can save us from destroying ourselves. Only God!

If you’re ‘fed up’ with what’s being put out every day from the world, try something new. Trust the Word of God and be filled with His Spirit. God will provide the confidence to face the enemy, the courage to fight the enemy and the wisdom to know who the enemy is to begin with.

God will refresh you and help you rest. Speaking of rest, I think I’ll lay down for a while and get some sleep. After all, the dawn will soon come. Best to be prepared for it if you know what I mean. (If not, you might reflect on Luke 1:68-79) It will help.

With many more blessings than burdens,

Pstr K

Psalm 27:1