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First Things @ First

New beginnings! With them come new opportunities. There will no doubt be many obstacles to face in 2021 but if you desire to live differently than in years past, it is imperative that you begin at the beginning. Specifically, begin each day with God and your year will be blessed far more than you ask or think!

Speaking of beginnings, the Bible contains much truth on every aspect of our life.

Author John G Butler writes--"the first four words of the Bible instruct us in the all important truth of beginning with God. You cannot begin right unless you begin with God. Much ignorance exists today in every age because people do not begin with God.

IF you want answers to life's greatest questions, you need to begin with God and His Word.

IF you want to know the origin of our planet earth and of the universe and how man began, begin with God and your knowledge will be light years ahead of what evolutionists teach in the classroom.

IF you want to know the right explanation for our geological findings of the scientists, begin with God and read about the flood which will give the right explanations about the geological findings.

IF you want to know the cause, consequences, and cure of man's evil behavior, begin with God. You will have more understanding of man's behavior than all the ungodly social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists of the world put together.

IF you want to know why we have so many diverse languages, begin with God's Word. You will discover it was iniquity, not intelligence, that resulted in a great diversity of languages in this world. It was the guile of man, not the genius of man that brought about different languages.

IF you want to know the root cause of the Mideast conflict, begin with God's Word. You will not only know what is the root cause of the problem, but you will also know how it will all turn out--Israel will be the victor when Jesus Christ comes back to earth and rules as King.

IF you want to know how to get to heaven, begin with God and God's Word.

IF you do not begin there, you will never know and therefore, never get to heaven." end

"In the beginning God..." will change your life IF you will decide to begin each day with God and learn to filter each circumstance through God's Word. There is much more to experience in the future. And that doesn't depend on whether any of us see the end of 2021. There's joy for the journey every day in Christ.

I urge each of you to make the disciplined decision each day to begin with God. Devote yourself to that and you'll find the end to be richly rewarding!

God's best for new beginnings!

Pstr K

Psalm 27:1

(ref. Daily Bible Reading--Volume Two--John G. Butler--'Beginning with God' pg 1)