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First Things @ First

Over the next couple of weeks, I would like to focus on the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Many in church circles have heard about the importance of the Holy Spirit in a person's life. He is the exact same make and model as Jesus. The difference is that Jesus was limited to one place at one time during His days on earth, just as you and I are. The presence of Jesus abiding in each believer in the person of the Holy Spirit makes possible His purpose to be carried out on a much broader scale. Over the years a lot of misinformation about the Holy Spirit has been published and preached. O.S. Hawkins shares this bit of insight--"when we begin to think of the Holy Spirit in terms of some external force that might enable or empower us with various kinds of supernatural abilities, then our quest will lead us on a journey to seek more of Him--and that is a dead end road. But when we think of the Holy Spirit as He really is, a Person, then our search will not be in trying to get more of Him, rather, we will be consumed with how we might give Him more of us. The Holy Spirit is a Person. He lives in you. His desire is to get more of you. And this happens when you surrender every area of your life to Him." end How much 'space' have you surrendered in your soul to God? It's a good bet that more 'space' is required for His work to be accomplished through you. Will you make more 'space' available? That will require some rearranging and possibly even some discarding to see the best 2021 has to offer! There is never a bad time for a good ole' fashioned 'house' cleaning! Blessings, Pstr K Psalm 27:1 (ref. O.S. Hawkins--'The Apostle's Code'--pg 10; Day 3)