First Things @ First

There are times when as you read the accounts of the lives of others, your heart is encouraged to invite others into the circle. What follows is one of those occasions. It is centered on the transforming power of His resurrection and how it influences our life daily. This comes from a blog that I read in David Jeremiah's book titled, 'The Jesus You May Not Know.'

"Michele Cushatt wrote a blog post titled, 'What Easter Means to Me," and she added a picture from her past. It was an Easter Sunday photo from her childhood. Michele was a little girl dressed in her Easter outfit, holding her dad's hand. He was dressed in a blue sport coat. Standing beside them was her mother in a fancy green dress, and in her arms was Michele's little brother, a toddler. It was a classic Easter picture from days gone by. Michele said tears came to her eyes as she studied the picture, and she remembered fragments of those Easter seasons of her childhood: 'sitting at the dark brown, laminate kitchen table, the smell of vinegar burning my nose while I dipped hard boiled eggs into large coffee mugs. How the pink and green dye would stain my fingers, and how I'd wipe them clean underneath the tabletop when my mama wasn't looking. Searching frantically for Easter eggs in the backyard of our Arizona home, and trying to collect far more than my snotty little brother. Posing for family pictures on the lawn after Sunday morning Easter services at church. Dressed in our finest. Smiling. And holding hands." Jeremiah continues, "But the years have progressed. Michele's father has since passed away, and Michele is now married, has six children, is a popular speaker and author, and a three-time cancer survivor. Michele says, 'Easter means far more than it did before. Easter means I have a friend who understands long, lonely nights filled with questions...Easter means I have a co-sufferer who knows the agony of physical pain...Easter means I have a Savior who faced death so I would no longer need to fear it...Easter means He went first. And Easter means He beat it...Easter means I have a Father who will never leave, who will hold my hand through whatever may come." I know it's October and Sunday, April 4, 2021 seems a long way off.  However, for a believer, every day is an opportunity to celebrate the promise of a resurrected life when our celebration is centered in Christ, who is the firstborn of the resurrection (Colossians 1:18). That truth is worth celebrating every single day, especially in a time when good news is underreported, and the breaking news of bad news gets the headlines.  May the abiding presence of the risen Lord provide you peace for this hour and hope for a bright future!  He is coming to finish what He began many years ago, as promised! In Christ,  Pstr K Psalm 27:1