FIRST Thoughts

In our summer series on 1 Peter 2, Kyle Idleman brought out an interesting thought that Randel House expanded on in our discussion period. The point was centered around 'cravings'. Have you ever had a 'craving' for something that directed or re-directed your plans? Could have been a trip to the ice cream store or the local coffee shop. It simply did not matter how far out of the way it was or how much time it would involve, the 'craving' would not be denied until fully satisfied or so you thought.

The Apostle Peter is dealing with the distinction between souls who have chosen to follow Christ and souls who haven't. Their behavior is different because their beliefs are different. The statement that what you do flows out of who you are is applicable. People who don't have a relationship with Jesus want nothing to do with Jesus for the same reason that a thief doesn't want anything to do with law enforcement.

Similar applications may be made in the basic needs of life. Peter writes in verse 1-2--"Therefore, putting away all malice (wickedness) and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander, like newborn babies, long for the pure (spiritual) milk of the word, so that by it you may grow up in salvation." If you have ever held a newborn, you know that there are natural cravings that will simply not be denied. And when the craving for milk is desired, the adults in the room have no trouble knowing about it. That young infant behaves in such a way that will not be denied until satisfied. That natural desire, when met, allows the infant to grow up as they grow older.

Peter makes a similar supernatural application. In the same way that a natural child craves the pure milk for nourishment, the spiritual child of God craves the nourishment of the word of God.

The new believer does so because of the new desires that God places within them at the time of their new birth. When God saves the soul of a sinner, He places within the soul the presence of Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit. The desire and designs of the Spirit of God begin to re-direct the desires of the heart in such a way that pleases God in pursuing His purpose. The Spirit of God is never in disagreement with Jesus on anything. The desires/designs of God for a child of God are revealed through the presence of God in the Holy Spirit. He causes you to 'crave' new things instead of old things; the best things in life as God defines it instead of the bad things of life.

Cravings can be good or bad. Many if not most have heard it said, 'you are what you eat.' In other words, your body will with time reflect what you 'crave' naturally. In the same way your spiritual body will reflect what you 'crave' supernaturally. Satisfying a continual 'craving' for junk food will result in poor nourishment and a weaker immune system which can lead to poor health. Taking in a consistent diet of the things of this world reveals a desire to satisfy the 'cravings' of the flesh. Whereas, exercising the discipline to take in proper daily nourishment of the word of God under the direction of the Spirit of God will have an incredibly positive effect on your life. It will cause you to be much more productive in your activity each day.

The next time you have a 'craving' for something try to remember that over time, what you crave will become evident to those with whom you live or interact with. The evidence of a healthy life is seen in the discipline necessary to say no to junk food and yes to more wholesome food. In the same way, the evidence of a holy life is seen in the necessary disciplines being exercised to say no to the 'junk' of this world and yes to what helps us grow up in salvation.

If you feel sluggish in your soul, it might be the right time to check your 'cravings.' After all, you are what you 'take in' as well as what you choose to pass by or even throw away in life.

What you do flows out of who you are. The evidence speaks for itself. It cannot be denied. If you are all 'wrapped up' in yourself, it will become evident with time. When you are all 'wrapped up' in Jesus, it will also become evident for all to see and be blessed.

What you long for determines how you live and who you live for! If it's not God, it's not good!

Be sure to check your 'in-take' often. It will prove beneficial over time!

Pstr K

Psalm 27:1