FIRST Thoughts

Throughout the study of 'Experiencing God', Henry Blackaby reminds and reinforces a principle that is foundational to our purpose on this earth. The principle is that God is always at work in His creation in accordance with His perfect will. God's plan will never contradict or stand in conflict with His word. We discover God's will by searching God's word and consequently fulfill the purpose He has for us in His predetermined plan.

While God's will is timeless and determined according to His sovereignty, His work is being performed over time. It is important that we remember that God's initiative in salvation does not remove man's responsibility before God to His salvation. Because God is Omniscient (all-knowing), He knows those who will be given life and those who will be born into this world before they are conceived. That said, God knows who will be born again into the kingdom of God and saved from sin before they are conceived, as well. As one wisely stated, "try to explain all that includes and one may lose their mind; try to explain it away and lose your soul." Elmer Towns writes these words in the book, "Concise Bible Doctrines', "The Christian can be led by the Spirit both consciously and when he is captive to circumstances. Whether God guides directly or indirectly, by leading or pushing, by enticement or by compulsion, God works all things to His glory (Romans 8:28). In freedom, man can sin and miss God's best road, or man will reject and go to hell. In the final analysis, God's sovereignty cannot be man's defense at the judgment. Because man was created in the image of God, so each man is responsible for his free choice." end The Apostle Paul writes these words in Philippians 2:13--"For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure." Have you ever considered how pleasing a person is who is first submitted to God in their spirit and serving Him with all their heart? Have you ever considered the alternative? How problematic, even painful it can be when a person refuses to? The work of God will always be aligned with God's word. His will shall be accomplished with God's wisdom being applied. Is your life properly aligned with God? If so, a pure life will bear the evidence of abundant fruit that comes from abiding in Christ. If not, decide to investigate God's word more thoroughly. With that disciplined practice, God's Spirit will provide the necessary understanding as you search with all your heart. In the process, you and I realize His good pleasure both here and hereafter! To God be the glory, great things He has done and is doing!!

Pstr K Psalm 27:1

(ref. 'Concise Bible Doctrines'--Elmer Towns--Pg. 87)