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One doesn't have to go very far or listen very long to hear a negative spin on a positive experience. Case in point, the news coming out of Falls Creek last week. The local news media seemed determined to press the issue of how dangerous it was for people to be at church camp while never mentioning the same about any one of several 'gatherings' that people choose to attend or participate in.

While much of the focus has been on disease and death, nothing much is said of the positive life change that came out of camp this past week. That must change. There is good news to share, and we must tell the nations and our neighbors!

I was made aware of an interesting fact on Saturday morning concerning the number of decisions for salvation on Thursday evening of this past week at Falls Creek. During the invitation, more students surrendered their souls to Christ in one service than at any other time in the 100-year-plus history of Falls Creek youth camp. That is not only worth mentioning, but also celebrating! Salvation is newsworthy because of life-eternal made possible through Christ. And there were 100's of students who decided to forsake sin and follow Jesus.

It doesn't matter what 'situation' these students will face during the rest of their earthly life. The gift of grace through faith in Christ has secured their soul forever!

I am not the sharpest nail in the box, but I believe it was all worth it. There is risk in anything we do in this life. There was risk involved in taking seventy-five human souls to camp but consider what we would have missed had we not.

Our group saw several life-changing decisions during the week. Decisions that we are following up on and hope to see fruit from in God's time.

And at the end of the day, the week, or the end of life, we must trust Christ to provide what we need most and protect what He provides according to His will. We must be wise, but we need not worry!

I'm thankful that God watched over our group and permitted many, if not most to experience His glory through a fresh encounter of faith.

Praying for the revival fires to spread!


Pstr K

Psalm 27:1

Falls Creek 2021