FIRST Thoughts

The question of the Bible's accuracy has often been debated over the years since it was completed as the Canon of scripture we have today. Sixty-six books scribed by forty different men inspired by God over sixteen-hundred years with one common theme--God is holy, man is sinful, and salvation is possible through Jesus Christ alone. That in a nutshell is the good news of the Bible, the truth of man's life and God's love.

That said, there is no good reason to doubt the authority and accuracy of the Bible. All the truth that God is going to reveal has been revealed. God has not revealed everything of Himself but He has withheld nothing that is of vital importance concerning who He is and who we are being made in His image. His truth has been recorded and preserved so that all who are willing to hear might benefit both here and hereafter by believing what He says.

Still, in man's seemingly unending search for truth, the tendency is to add one's own personal twist on God's truth to make it more applicable in both the present and pressing issues of life. The task of revealing truth is completed. God has spoken and His word will not change. His word will endure long past the world and those who disregard its application. The opportunity of learning truth is ongoing as we engage God in our study of Scripture.

Since God has revealed His truth to mankind, then how may a person know with certainty that God's Word is in fact true? Good question. People place confidence in the Word of God as they see the Word of God being applied daily on a personal level through a life being lived. The credibility of God's Word is established, not necessarily by what people say but rather by what others see consistently. If what we say is not supported by what others see consistently then one's hypocrisy confuses the truth as God defines it.

Most of us have heard the phrase, 'you may be the only Jesus someone sees.' A person may never enter the door of a church or even a home where the Word of God is posted or presented. However, with our life practice, we reveal the truth that Jesus lives, Jesus loves, Jesus forgives, Jesus saves!

As we live the truth by applying the principles found in the Bible, we provide the necessary credibility for others to embrace the truth God is revealing to them.

Elmer Towns writes this in his book 'Concise Bible Doctrines', "Paul used this argument when writing to the Corinthians, 'You are our epistle written in our heart, known and read of all men'

(2 Corinthians 3:2). People today will not recognize the Bible for what it is until they see it lived out in our lives."

Elmer Towns concludes with this account of a real tragedy in the life of a good man who from what we know, never embraced God's truth. He writes, "Mahatma Gandhi has been identified as one of the most influential men of this century. This Hindu leader brought democracy to the nation of India. He was a man who had at one time seriously considered converting to Christianity. After studying Christianity and Christians, Gandhi is reported to have said, 'I would be a Christian, if it were not for Christians.' Gandhi failed to see the principles of the Bible lived out in the lives of Christians." end

Is that not a hard pill to swallow? But it remains what Pastor Jack Graham calls the 'true truth.' To say Jesus is Lord and Savior and then fail to apply the truth of God's Word daily in my personal life causes me to become a stumbling block toward death instead of a stepping stone to life.

Do others see Jesus in you? If not, why not? The answer matters more than we may realize, first and foremost as the truth is being applied personally in the lives of others based on what they see in us.

If you really desire to change the culture, love the Lord and walk in the light of His truth daily!

Others will see the difference in what many say is true and what some will see as truth!

Reflect His light in the darkness as you walk through the world this week!

Piercing the darkness with truth and light as given by God our Father and Jesus as Lord,

Pstr K

Psalm 27:1